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Just In Case

In case you forgot, one of my specialties is photographing incredibly gorgeous fit women. Way at the top of the list is the incredibly gorgeous and fit Sherry Goggin.

Sherry Goggin

Muscle Shower

You can have her for yourself! All 6 ft tall in her bare feet Natalie Lyle with the water running down her sculpted muscle body. A special print selection I am making available with her. Take a look and maybe Natalie is just the motivation you have been looking for! Click here…


Find Her Find Me

She is truly amazing in front of my cameras. As my often Makeup and Hair Stylist on my photo shoots she is incredibly talented. As my assistant at Muscle Beach, at 6 ft tall and gorgeous, she makes it really easy to find me. So when you look for me back stage in the workout “Pit” in the morning at check in, look for Natalie Lyle. I am the guy with the cameras next to her.

For the details and sign up for my photographing you at the huge Muscle Beach Show on Memorial Day weekend please click here. At the show or even if you are not doing the show for photo shoots that weekend, please take advantage of me. My photo shoot costs are usually at least ten times that what I charge for these Muscle Beach weekends. But you have to sign up ahead of time and ASAP before I book up. Thanks and click here…

Natalie Lyle

Vintage Muscle Beach!

Here it is! Only at the real Muscle Beach/Venice! Bringing back that wonderful look and feel of Vintage Swimsuit. I am planning to do some really cool photo shoots for this huge Memorial Day weekend happening. So if you are thinking of doing the show and are interested let me know ASAP. My e-mail is

Here are the competition details…

Swimsuit: 1pc. only “Vintage” (circa 1940-1950’s)
One Class for all heights
Poses: Front relaxed “fun” pose & side “over the shoulder”.
Shoes will be pumps, open or closed toe.
Vintage jewelry/hair accessories allowed.
No crossovers allowed to other classes.
The Muscle Beach Int’l Classic, Memorial Day, Monday May 30, 2016. Any competition questions, reach out to Joe Wheatley at


By the way, this is the only show anywhere that opens with a flyover by the United States Air Force! Top That!


Front And Center At Muscle Beach!

It is time and I am front and center! Proud To Support Muscle Beach, my banner hanging over that world famous place “Where Muscles Were Born”. I will be shooting the photographs at the big show on Monday Labor Day. If you want your photographs doing the show and back stage in the workout “Pit” you have to sign up. I also have one time slot left for your own personal mini photo shoot on Sunday for you or a couple. For more information and to sign up go to and Thanks! See you there!

Your Muscle Beach Photos, Time To Sign Up!

We are coming up on Labor Day Muscle Beach, Monday September 7th, the last bodybuilding and fitness show of this Summer at the place “Where Muscles Were Born”! If you are doing the show it is now time to get signed up for me to shoot your photographs on the stage and back stage in that famous workout “Pit” along the Venice Boardwalk. I also have one more open spot for a mini photo shoot with you or a couple on the day before the show on Sunday September 6th. That will be right there at world famous Venice Beach. So no time to wait! Thanks and here is the link for more information and to sign up!

Muscle Beach Is Just Like This!

Have you been to one of the Muscle Beach Bodybuilding & Fitness Shows over the Summer? It looks just like this! The greatest outdoor bodybuilding and fitness shows on the planet. The next is Labor Day, Monday September 7th! Be there!

And if you are doing the show you can have me photograph you on stage and backstage at this world famous location and in that world famous workout “Pit”. You can even have your own mini photo shoot for yourself or a couple the day before! But you have to sign up ahead of time and really soon! So here is the link for more information and to sign up. Don’t let it go by!  And Thanks!