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Alt Photo Media

I forgot how much I enjoy alternate photography media such as instant films. My buddy, model, Noel VanBrocklin in a behind the scenes photo using a Fujifilm Instax Camera. I am also really liking doing short video clips both behind the scenes and as a feature along with the photography. Great fun and I love the look!

The actual photo shoot was done with Broncolor lighting and a Hasselblad digital camera system. This photo with a Fujifilm Instax wide camera. But I also use Polaroid cameras with film from the Impossible Project. I shoot my video clips with Fujifilm X Series cameras. Thanks!

Noel VanBrocklin


Sometimes I prefer simplicity. A 45 year old Polaroid instant film camera and one of my favorite models, Aristodeme. I think I will do more of this in my photo shoots. What do you think?


Sunny Weather

Did you stay in and out of the Sun this past weekend. Aristodeme photographed on old Polaroid instant film camera in our shoot, in and out of the Sun.


Polaroid and Palm Springs

Something about the Palm Springs resort sunlight that makes instant photographs even better. Here with a vintage Polaroid SX-70 camera and Impossible Project film. Poolside in Palm Springs with Jamie.




Jamie Lovelle

Jamie Lovelle

Jamie Lovelle

Jamie Lovelle

Mid Century Modern Pool Cleaning

My idea of Mid-Centruy Modern pool cleaning. Mid-Century Modern architecture and Modernism style is very popular here in Palm Springs. However it can get somewhat redundant and boring. I think it needs my own photographic interpretation. Made a little more Mid-Century by being photographed with a 1960’s Polaroid Land Camera.


Models In The Sun

I am always considerate with my models about being in the Sun. Especially here in Palm Springs. After all, it is a desert resort. Aristodeme photographed with a classic Polaroid Land Camera on Instant Film from FujiFilm.


Clouds And Palm Trees and Polaroid

A painterly view of Clouds framing Palm Trees after a rain in Palm Springs. Photographed in a Polaroid SX-70 camera with instant film by the Impossible Project.

Palm Trees And Clouds