Photography by Ian L. Sitren


I am located in the beautiful desert resort of Palm Springs California. It is a great location for photo shoots with 350 days of sunny skies per year and wonderful scenic locations from windmill farms and mid-century modern architecture to the decaying remnants in and around the Salton Sea and other fun places. In addition I have the support and use of full gyms nearby and studio capability. Served by Palm Springs Airport with flights from anywhere and everywhere worldwide as well as easy freeway drives from Los Angeles to Phoenix to Las Vegas and more.

For many years you have seen my photography featured in much of the fitness industry from magazines to online resources. My photography features, competition coverage and advertising have been a mainstay of such well known places as Iron Man Magazine, Planet Muscle Magazine and My advertising work has been seen everywhere from the magazines to major newspapers, wrapping city buses and billboards.

I really enjoy creating distinctive photography. It is also the point of my work to promote healthy lifestyles and social good. Additionally available for work in other sports related projects, unique portraiture, and any other concept you might have in mind from fashion to edgy lifestyle. Can shoot here or available to travel by plane, train or automobile.

Motion picture still photography experience as well. To quote the legendary Oscar winning cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond after spending seven weeks on a movie set with him in Budapest, “You were great, you never got in the way!”. Well on a movie set for that long and with Vilmos Zsigmond that is a big endorsement and compliment! But to quote one of the long time experienced producers, “Everyone knew how focused you were on the set” and “No one will ever be as good as you Ian, ask for a raise!”. Fun business, I am available for your production too.

It is my great joy to create beautiful and distinctive photography. However it is my greatest pleasure to tell the story of so many deserving people from different walks of life and help others be successful. It is also the point of my work to promote healthy lifestyles and social good.

Selected privately commissioned photo shoots available and considered by request. That means we could do good photographing you too!

Thank You!

Ian L. Sitren

E-Mail to

Cellular & Text to 213-712-1929

Website at

Mail To Post Office Box 5327, Palm Springs, CA 92263-5327 USA

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