Photography by Ian L. Sitren



Saturday a Boeing KC-135R refueling aircraft arriving in Palm Springs. 

A-26 Invader

Two weeks ago under a cloudy sky on the ramp at the Palm Springs Air Museum. That is a Douglas A-26 Invader.

C-130 Taxiing Palm Springs

A C-130 Taxiing by the ramp at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Rainbow Meets The Ground

A rainbow where it meets the ground.

VFA-154 Black Knights

Out of town visitors to Palm Springs last Friday. F/A-18F Super Hornets from VFA-154, the Black Knights from Naval Air Station Lemoore. Attached to Carrier Air Wing Eleven and deployed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.


A Grumann Albatross landing in Palm Springs today This aircraft entered service in the USAF in 1953 and served during combat in search and rescue in Korea and Vietnam. 

It left Palm Springs after fueling and went on to Catalina Island. I really wanted to marshal in to the Palm Springs Air Museum ramp but it would have made a real mess for flight operations. 

Color Changes

Clouds over Palm Springs Monday afternoon, January 9 2023, as storms moved into California. Watch for the sky color changes. Time-lapse.

Delta Takeoff

A Delta Airlines Boeing 737 departing the airport in Palm Springs this past Sunday.

Taxiing In The Rain

An Alaska Airlines Embraer E175LR taxiing in the rain to the passenger terminal at the airport in Palm Springs California.

Clouds Time-lapse

What seems like a boring grey sky becomes fascinating in time-lapse through the entire day. In Palm Springs.