Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Running The New Stearman Engine

The Stearman at the Palm Springs Air Museum got a new engine. This was it’s first 30 minute run the other day. This airplane had belonged to Barron Hilton, son of Conrad Hilton the creator of Hilton Hotels. He was a very accomplished pilot and supporter of the world of aviation. We have always wondered if his granddaughter Paris Hilton ever flew in this airplane with him.

Prehistoric Creature Caught On Camera

My backyard wildlife cam…

Visiting Wildcat

A World War II FM-2 Wildcat visiting us today at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Me in the red shirt.

Navy T-45 Goshawk Trainers

There were six of them here today going past me at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Parking An F-18

A United States Navy Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet. Another at an airshow I was just standing there.

USMC Helo Landing

One of those times at an airshow where I just happened to be right there.


A fun time Saturday at the Palm Springs Air Museum. We had a visitor who arranged an airplane flight for his girlfriend. And also secretly asked if he could propose marriage to her when she came back in. I got him up on the wing, and as she got out of the cockpit with her back to him, she turned around to find him on his knee with the ring. That was cool.

Comm Check

That is me in the red shirt doing a comm check in the Palm Springs Air Museum T-28a Trojan.

Blue Angels Chasing The Moon

At the Naval Air Facility El Centro Airshow 2019.

The Bunny Next Door

From the Palm Springs Air Museum; the P-51 Mustang “Bunny” going out for a flyover and I was in the Museum T-28b next to it.