Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Fitness Spotlight

Do you see what I see? Has a Christmas ring to it doesn’t it? The spotlight on Joanna Johnson, personal fitness trainer, NPC Bikini competitor.

Take a look at her and what she has built!. Great abs, look at that mid section. Check out those biceps, wow! Then her shoulders, and look at that separation from the biceps, good work! Look in the mirror and see the detail in her back!  You can visit with Joanna at World Gym in Palm Desert California where we did our photo shoot. Maybe she can have you do it right too!

Photo shoot notes… Makeup and Hair Styling by the talented and also physically impressive, Natalie Lyle. My choice is a Hasselblad digital camera system. Lighting by Broncolor with the Para 133 Reflector powered by the Move 1200L pack. Like I say, only the best! Thanks!

Joanna Johnson

Coat Or No Coat?

My buddy, model and actress, Noel VanBrocklin just could not decide about putting on that coat. So we compromised.

Photo shoot notes… Makeup and Hair Styling by Estee Lauder’s extraordinary Blanche LeBeau. Hasselblad digital camera system. Lighting by Broncolor. Thanks!

Noel VanBrocklin

No Matter How Old You Are!

Always so very fun no matter how old you are! The sound and the power of this vintage aircraft taking flight. Just this past Saturday at the Palm Springs Air Museum. A World War II Navy fighter, the Bearcat F8F-2, here flown by pilot Steve Barber.




A Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat Navy fighter plane on it’s way out for a flight demonstration at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Flown by Pilot Steve Barber. The Bearcat was a carrier based aircraft. It later still out performed many of the early jet fighter aircraft. Popular in air racing, they can exceed 500 mph and have held many world records.


Pretty Polly

Among my very favorite “Nose Art” at the Palm Springs Air Museum… “Pretty Polly”. This P-63 King Cobra from World War II is now a very rare aircraft and this one even more so because it is still flying.

I have been posting a lot of my aircraft photography over the last week and I have been asked by people when I was going to be posting more of my photography of beautiful women. “Pretty Polly” is my transition going into next week when I will show you more of those gorgeous women, and some guys too! So keep coming back! Thanks!


Canadian Invasion

It is actually very common to see military aircraft flying in and out of the Palm Springs Airport. So when everybody at the Palm Springs Air Museum saw a military cargo plane take off last Saturday, it was business as usual. I shot some photos and did not think about it again until now when I was going through all of them. And there it is, a Canadian Forces CC-130J Super Hercules transport. Well it is actually the “Palm Springs International Airport“.


Busy Day Flying

Last Saturday at the Palm Springs Air Museum. One of the Museum’s premier aircraft, piloted by the equally premier Tom Nightingale, headed out for takeoff. Waiting while the Stearman biplane comes back in to pick up another happy passenger.

Bunny” is a P-51 Mustang restored and dedicated to the famed Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. And specifically to Lt. Col. Bob Friend. To this day you can find the Colonel often at the Air Museum and many times in the back seat of this very special aircraft.