Photography by Ian L. Sitren


20 Minutes Microwave?

Getting ready for dinner. My best guess… 20 minutes microwave? My future as a food photographer.

Busy Airport

The day before Thanksgiving, a United Airlines flight departing Palm Springs. It is going to be a very busy airport over the next few days.

Tour de Nude

I am thinking I should photograph more sports.

Color At Sunset

Clouds over Palm Springs yesterday. I like the flashes of color at sunset. Time-lapse.

Pacific Princess

The B-25 “Pacific Princess” at the Palm Springs Air Museum this past Saturday.

My Office Today

Sitting at the jump door of the Palm Springs Air Museum C-47.

Clouds Before The Storm

Clouds over Palm Springs yesterday ahead of the storm moving in today. Watch for appearances of myself and Eddy in the beginning.

Helicopter Flying Patterns

A helicopter flying consistent North South patterns West of the Palm Springs Airport. A Bell 206L-3 owned by Premier Rotors LLC. Perhaps inspecting power lines or a survey.

United Airlines Landing

I do get to be in some great places. On the west side of the airport taking care of flights for the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Alaska Airlines Taxi By

Over on the west side of the airport for Palm Springs Air Museum flights is a fun place to be to see other aircraft close up.