Photography by Ian L. Sitren



SEX… There I said it. The gorgeous Aristodeme is reading it. Many photographs to see in it too. “SEX” conceived and featuring Madonna was released in 1992. Photographs and writings of pornography, simulations of all kinds of sexual acts, sadomasochism, raunchy and very erotic.

At the time, critics said it went way too far. But ultimately it was a defining moment for Madonna, her creativity, and as a champion for women’s sexuality and equality. It sold 150,000 copies on the first day of it’s release. “SEX” is perhaps the most sought after out of print book ever released.

My photo shoot with Aristodeme on a Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting.




Don’t you just hate it when people leave their car blocking the pumps when they go to the restroom. From a Death Valley excursion, photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera.

Death Valley Excursion

Don’t Tell Her

I am keeping this a secret. I think my buddy Maria Bertrand is one of the most incredibly gorgeous women I have ever known. As many times I have seen her in front of my cameras I have never been left with anything but without words. Photo shoot notes… Hasselblad digital camera system. The dress is Guess by Marciano. Off Mulholland Drive above Beverly Hills.

Maria Bertrand

Looking At Her Looking At You

Look away, no you just can’t. Even when you do, you still see her looking at you. This gorgeous woman, Amber Flowers in our photo shoot. She also created her makeup, hair and wardrobe styling. One incredibly talented and beautiful individual.

Photo shoot notes… Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Amber Flowers


Wandered Photo L.A. yesterday with my buddy Gabriella Muttone. Not only do we have the commonality of me loving her in front of my cameras; she is an extraordinary photographer herself who loves much of the same photography that I do. It was also fun thinking that people were staring at me, when of course they were gaze locked on her! Me too lol

Gabriella Muttone at the Palm Springs Air Museum

P-40 Warhawk

Yes this is the plane that you would recognize as having been flown by the famed Flying Tigers. Two P-40’s shot down attacking Japanese aircraft at Pearl Harbor.

If you were at the Palm Springs Air Museum yesterday, you saw this P-40 chase a Japanese VAL Dive Bomber just barely over ground level. Wow!


Attack At Dawn

A special program today at the Palm Springs Air Museum. You will be seeing the aircraft of Pearl Harbor flying overhead.

Starting with a presentation by the internationally recognized historian, researcher and author, Dr. Ed Gordon, “Japan Strikes At Dawn: Defeat at Pearl Harbor, the Philippines and Singapore.” at 1:00 PM.

Right now there are also other very special exhibits at the Museum, including artworks from World War II and the Holocaust; original and rarely seen restored prints of the original flights of the Wright Brothers.

If you have not done so, it is time to visit the living and flying history at the Palm Springs Air Museum. I will be there with my cameras for sure!

Japanese VAL Dive Bomber