Photography by Ian L. Sitren



The Rubidoux Drive-In, of course in Rubidoux, Southern California. Photographed on a recent Photo Excursion. Drive-ins are nostalgic for some of us.

Warbirds In Print

Always great seeing my photographs in print. An ongoing monthly ad in Air Classics Magazine for the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Bye Bye

Metrolink train leaving the station. From a Photo Excursion in Riverside California.

Metrolink Train At The Station

A Metrolink train at the station in Riverside California. From a Photo Excursion yesterday.

Train Going By

Some freight train action today on a photo excursion.

Union Pacific Parade Of Colors

So very colorful. A long train to watch but worth it for the view and sound. Video shot near Cabazon California just this morning. Fujifilm X-H1 camera.

Banana Museum T-Shirt

I had forgot I had this. Purchased at the International Banana Museum at the Salton Sea. This enticing banana is the entire back so it really stands out. A smaller one on the front. Funny how it would likely be banned on Facebook and Instagram.


Southwest has been flying in and out of Palm Springs now. Actually quite a few flights and they sure are colorful. Photographed during a meet up with some of my photographer friends.

A Southwest passenger jet landing in Palm Springs California


How many of you remember using a typewriter. Not as old as this one but I sure did. Like film cameras and vinyl records, I understand that typewriters are also making a comeback. I photographed this one on film to be appropriate. Found in Pioneertown California.

A typewriter on an old wood desk in Pioneertown.


I do love photographing beautiful women. I have photographed my buddy Ashley a few times. Waiting and watching something going on here.