Photography by Ian L. Sitren

It’s So Big!

I want a smaller one! Actually I want two. Shooting still photographs on movies and productions often requires complete silence. Even that little sound from the camera shutter is too much. The solution is that the camera has to go in what is called a “blimp” which completely deadens all sounds. Except the sounds of my aches and pains of carrying it around and a second camera all day. This is my friend Masha, who was at the studio in Budapest during the shooting of the movie “Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks”, giving it a try. She does make it look better than it does on me anyway.

“Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks” was released last Friday and is now being held over in theaters in Southern California. Go see it, just for me, so you can see my photographs in the end credits and my name LOL! The Encino Town Center, The Sundance Sunset in West Hollywood, Laemmle’s Passadena, Laemmle’s Westpark in Irvine. Thanks!!


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