Photography by Ian L. Sitren


T-28b In The Air

From one of our flyovers, the Palm Springs Air Museum T-28B Trojan in the air over the Coachella Valley. I was flying in the Air Museum C-47 “What’s Up Doc”.

FAR/AIM 2022

Next year I think I will get the coloring book version.

Facing Off A Mustang

Today, yet again, I faced off a P-51 Mustang and forced it into submission. At the Palm Springs Air Museum.


Photographed some arrivals at the Palm Springs Airport this morning. This won’t happen on your iPhone.

‘Twas The Day Before Christmas

And I fueled airplanes to get ready for flying Sunday at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Me in the red shirt and hat. Ho Ho Ho!

The “Movie Memphis Belle”

Now at home at the Palm Springs Air Museum. It flew in about a month ago.The actual B-17 “Flying Fortress” from the 1990 motion picture “Memphis Belle”. Look for it flying in later 2022.

Fountain Of Life

The Fountain Of Life at the Civic Center in Cathedral City CA

Last night…. The Fountain at the Cathedral City Civic Center. Designed and built by two good friends of ours…
“The Fountain of Life was designed by artist Jennifer Johnson in coordination with architect Reuel Young, A.I.A. It was built by House of Stone and Fountains and Landscape Enhancements. Artisans whose families have sculpted stone for more than 600 years carved the fountain pieces out of adoquin stone from a quarry near Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Once the individual pieces arrived in the desert, Johnson spent more than a year adorning the fountain with hand cut mosaic tiles and glass.”

Air Force Association Thank You

Thank You Air Force Association Palm Springs. Presented today at the Annual Holiday Luncheon.

Air Shows 2022

Last week at ICAS in Las Vegas for the Palm Springs Air Museum. The International Council Of Air Shows. Our aircraft will be at air shows in 2022 for performing, VIP, sponsor and ride flights.

Hotel View Las Vegas

The view from my hotel room last week for ICAS. The International Council Of Air Shows convention in Las Vegas.

Roy’s Airport

Last Monday had to stop on the way to Las Vegas for the ICAS convention. The International Council Of Air Shows. Always time for an airport.

Veterans Day Flyovers

Veterans Day this year the Palm Springs Air Museum did flyovers in the C-47 and other Museum aircraft. Alongside was the C-53 “D-Day Doll” from the Commemorative Air Force Riverside CA.


We are getting a very famous historic aircraft at the Palm Springs Air Museum. If all goes according to plan it will fly in this Saturday late afternoon. This is not it!

The Spruce Goose 1946 in Long Beach California

Fuel It up

Just another typical day with me. Fueling up the C-47 at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Reno Air Races Behind The Scenes

I was getting the Palm Springs Air Museum T-6 towed back to the race pits after doing a raffle ride for the Air Races. Shot a few photos as I was riding back on the tailgate of the truck. I think this is a pretty cool scene from the woman who is my wing walker to the couple by the jet and the other guys just there doing what they are doing. Reno Air Races 2021.

The Bachelorette

Photograph from the ABC series “The Bachelorette”. Why do I have it here? Well just to the right of that airplane is me. Much of the episode was shot at the Palm Springs Air Museum. So it was my job to send the airplane out, have it taxi back on cue and marshal it back to the spot marked by the director. The spot marked with 3 inches of green masking tape. Not easy but we did it in one take! The pilot Patrick and I have worked together a lot so we know each other like this really well.

A lot more was shot at the Air Museum over a few days and the video scenes are pretty cool. So watch it if you get a chance. It aired this week and it is Season 18, Episode 3, Week 3.

Six Thunderbirds Tight

I think this is an amazing flying formation. At the Reno Air Races 2021. The United States Air Force Thunderbirds.

Happy F/A-18 Hornet Pilot

I was on the flight line when this F/A-18 Hornet came by. Wait for it…. happy pilot! I did want to run up and say I could jump in that back seat on the next flight. At the Reno Air Races 2021.

P-51 Mustangs Flying Back From Reno

Two weeks ago today, flying back from the Reno Air Races 2021 in the P-51 Mustang “Spam Can” with “Wee Willy II” alongside. They placed 3rd and 4th in the Unlimited Silver finals.

C-130 Taxi At Sunset

A C-130 going by the Palm Springs Air Museum around sunset last Friday evening.

Thunderbirds Close-Up

The United States Air Force Thunderbirds close-up at the Reno Air Races 2021.

F-35’s At Reno

USAF F-35’s on the ramp at the Reno Air Races 2021. Reminds me how lucky I am to go on the ramps, behind the scenes. I was out there to load a Reno Air Races raffle prize winner into our T-6 from the Palm Springs Air Museum, and marshall it out and back. They were right next to us.

U2 by Jim

Ryan Goss was again on our support team at the Reno Air Races 2021 for the Palm Springs Air Museum. This time he brought both his sons. Jim, 19 tomorrow, had an interest in my camera so I let him shoot with it. Big upgrade from a cellphone to a Canon 1DXMkII, gave him a few lessons over the week. Actually I think he used it more than I did. He shot some outstanding photographs. Here is his photo of a U-2 going by.

Reverse Observer Osprey

Look close, at least one person getting a great view out the back. A USMC MV-22 Osprey at the Reno Air Races 2021.