Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Jesika von Rabbit

Who would have thought we would be watching Jesika von Rabbit at the Galen Palm Springs Art Museum In Palm Desert last night! Her page describes her as “penultimate post-modern inter-galactic pop provocateur.” “… the buxotic blonde vixen…” “…comes in the form a characteristically sizzling celestial psych-disco sound…”. What a great fun show! Love her music! The photos with her dancing entourage Larry Van Horn and her Banana!


Jesika_von_Rabbit_01-02-15__28B0020-sm Jesika_von_Rabbit_01-02-15__28B0023-sm Jesika_von_Rabbit_01-02-15__28B0026-sm Jesika_von_Rabbit_01-02-15__28B0052-sm Jesika_von_Rabbit_01-02-15__28B0055-sm

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