Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Must Be Some Nice Shirt!

I have received a few e-mails from people I know this week about an ad running for Inside Fitness Magazine looking for “Inside Fitness Ambassadors”.  All asking what I thought about it. So I will let you tell me what you think about it.

Let’s start with the “Benefits” all directly quoted from them…

  • Opportunity to be a part of the Inside Fitness Women’s Team of ambassadors
  • Exposure at Inside Fitness Women’s events, trade shows, OPA shows as a brand ambassador of Inside Fitness Women
  • Exposure on Inside Women’s social media
  • Opportunity to appear in the Inside Fitness Women’s Magazine
  • Potential to appear on the Inside Fitness Women’s website
  • IFM Shirt

Then “Duties Of An Inside Fitness Ambassador”…

  • Be a part of Inside Fitness Women’s team and help push an active lifestyle brand to women across the globe
  • 1 -2 post a week on Social media sharing or promoting Inside Women’s content. Sample post ideas: share specific article from print or digital, post about them doing a workout, post of them making a recipe from the magazine, etc.
  • Send us photos of you training based on an article in the magazine or website, recipes you have made from the magazine or website, competing, wearing Inside Fitness Women’s gear/with the magazine
  • Be available to cover OPA shows at Inside Fitness booth
  • Be available to cover trade shows and Inside Fitness events specific to your region
  • Potential to be a part of online content collaborations Inside Fitness Women’s social media (Instagram, guest blog posts, Pinterest, YouTube etc.)
  • Create 1 monthly video on a certain topic that will be edited and potentially posted on the Inside Fitness Women’s website
  • Add ‘IFM Ambassador’ to social media feeds
  • Potential to be part of Inside Fitness events, be part of and promote seminars, IFM events and boot camps at the Inside Fitness Centre

And what do you get for all this work? … Nothing, Zero, No Money.

And what do you get for all the money you spend to do all this? … Nothing, Zero, No Money.

And what do you have to do for them? … A Lot!

Oh wait… You do get the shirt!

What does Inside Fitness get? A lot of content, free labor, your money making the content, your hopes and dreams and hard work.

What else does Inside Fitness get? The opportunity to sell advertising and pay all of their salaries and expenses, meals and trips, drinks at the bar (the best drinks), buy their cars and travel nicely and stay in nice hotels. Of course while you are standing in their booth at some shows in your high heels for 9 hours. And in some ways you are working for it and financing it for them.

But you get the shirt! Must be some nice shirt!


What do I think Inside Fitness Magazine should do? Pay people! If you don’t have the money, go get a loan at a bank, borrow on your house, sell one of your cars, get out your credit cards. Do not be scamming these people into working for you for free and putting up their money with your vague representations about potential, opportunity and exposure. Wear your own shirt!


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