Photography by Ian L. Sitren

I See…

Joanna Johnson in our photo shoot. When I see a fitness person, I see them differently than most people. One of the reasons that a photographer who does not know fitness and bodybuilding just will not get it.

I see that even thought she is not flexing Joanna has… firm and shapely quads in her upper legs, defined and muscled triceps, worked out shoulders with great definition and separation leading to full biceps, traps that have real muscle and giving her a taper and powerful look, solid and lean abs, a back with definition. And without question… well let’s just say, she looks really good in tight red shorts.

Photographed at World Gym, Palm Desert, California. That is where you will find Joanna as a personal fitness trainer. If you are looking to build your body and be a better you, Joanna might be the trainer for you. I have photographic proof of it right here!

Photo shoot notes… Wonderful Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera system. Lighting with a Broncolor Move 1200L pack and the Broncolor Para 133 reflector. The people and the gear, nothing but the best!

Joanna Johnson

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