Photography by Ian L. Sitren

It’s All True!

So this is the story, it is all true, I promise!

I was driving down to the Salton Sea, and just past the International Banana Museum I see this girl kind of dancing around this pole. So of course I stop and figured I would check things out. She tells me her name is Nora Zainglein and that she is a model from Manhattan, as in New York City, who has been modeling for ten years and worked for Calvin Klein and Forever 21 and others. Well around the Salton Sea, the unusual does happen.

Lucky for me I had my Hasselblad camera with me so I asked if I could shoot some photos. She said, well that sure is a big one so go right ahead. We shot for a while right there and we got along pretty good. I told her that I really know my way around the Salton Sea and I could show her the sights, and we could shoot at some more cool spots.

That’s all it took! She grabbed her little suitcase, with more clothes in it, and jumped in the car and off we went. Models always have little suitcases stuffed with more clothes. And how good was it that she had just had her makeup and hair done by a big time Estee Lauder makeup artist, Blanche LeBeau. Amazing how some things just fall into place.

Anyway we shot at some fun unusual spots around the Salton Sea for the rest of the day and finished up by having dinner at Bobby Mao’s Restaurant in Palm Desert. And you won’t believe this, who showed up too? None other than Blanche LeBeau. Quite the beauty herself I must say!

It is all true, really! And I will show you some photos from more of our photo shoot over the next week. Of course there is more to the story too. Thanks!

Nora Zaenglein

5 responses

  1. Amazing story. I can hardly wait for the next installment!

    April 23, 2017 at 2:39 am

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