Photography by Ian L. Sitren


With my new found NYC fashion model Nora at Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea, I said I knew of another interesting spot to shoot some more photos. Back up to the story here if you have not been following so far… Hay on my Blog. One more chapter to this story to come after this one.

Off we went further South along the East side of the Salton Sea finally cutting in towards the water. Along the long road was my goal, two geothermal plants. Driving past both and turning around we decided on the one.

The thought of wardrobe now came up. Nora had this little suitcase with a few things but we had used most so far. I pulled over at a discreet spot. She said how about this cute little shirt, it’s really all I have left. I said just fine! Rummaging in her case she said, I have nothing to wear with it but these little thong panties. Not to be disagreeable I agreed with the concept. As models often do, she easily slipped in and out of what she was wearing into the new selection. One trip around the Salton Sea and I am really loving this girl.

Photo Shoot Notes… NewYork City fashion model Nora Zainglein. Makeup and Hair Styling by the Estee Lauder featured artist Blanche LeBeau.  Hasselblad digital camera system. Did I mention that I am the photographer? Thanks!

Nora Zaenglein


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