Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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A scene from the motion picture “Battleship” which takes place at the end of the movie on the Battleship Missouri. A cool memory, I have stood right there on the Missouri before it was decommissioned to become a museum.

A very special tour for just a very few. We were not allowed cameras or cellphones (which did not have cameras in them back then anyway).


Fireboat #2

More unexpected fun when Los Angeles Fire Department Fireboat #2 put on a show while we were on the deck of the USS Iowa in San Pedro yesterday. Fireboat #2 is one of the largest and most technologically advanced fireboats in the world.

Los Angeles Fire Department Boat

Gun Crew Stroller Parking

The US Navy has certainly become more inclusive since WWII. Providing stroller parking for the 16 inch gun crews on board the USS Iowa Battleship. Yesterday at theĀ Pacific Battleship Center – Battleship USS Iowa.

Stroller Parking sign in front of 16 inch guns on the USS Iowa.