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Laugh and Cry with Gena Rowlands

Last night at Cinémas Palme D’Or for Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks – The Movie. Followed by questions and answers with the wonderful Gena Rowlands starring along with Cheyenne Jackson.

A filled theatre laughed endlessly at all the right places and tears welled up for the touching moments. An auditorium that filled with applause at the close and credits scrolled across the screen. Even my name was there as “stills photographer”.

Without question, a movie and story that will make you laugh and touch your heart. Great music too! Go see it! Thanks!

Marquee for Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

Line for Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks


Gena Rowlands

Gena Rowlands In Person

A photograph I shot of Gena Rowlands in Budapest, Hungary on the set of Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks – The Movie during production. Tomorrow night Gena will be doing a Q&A after the movie at the Cinémas Palme D’Or in Palm Desert. Of course I have already seen the movie but it will be fun to hear what Gena has to say and to see the movie in my own backyard after spending 7 weeks in Budapest photographing it! Maybe you might want to go see it too! It is great fun! Gena Rowlands On Set For Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

Me In The Hollywood Reporter!

I must say that it is very fun to see my photographs in places like the Hollywood Reporter despite the fact that I have been published many thousands of times over.

Go see the movie this weekend just so you can see my photographs in the end credits as well as my name! OK you will also see great names such as Gena Rowlands, Cheyenne Jackson, Rita Moreno, Julian Sands, Jacki Weaver, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Anthony Zerbe. And the work of legendary cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond. Yes all that and it is great fun. Check the schedule on the website at Thanks!


Motion Picture Premiere And After Party

Great excitement on Wednesday night for the premiere of the motion picture “Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks”. The follow up, in newspapers around the country, included my photographs. Kind of an extra reward for the seven weeks I worked shooting the photographs during production in Budapest. That and famed Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond giving me the compliment “You can work on my sets any time, you stayed out of the way”. He also said that he was happy because he stayed out of the way too. That is actually pretty funny.

But then, after the Premiere, was the After Party at the Warwick Nightclub in Hollywood.  The surroundings dominated by posters from movies starring Gena Rowlands who, as the star of our movie, was also in attendance. The place filled up, standing room only, including many of the people I spent all that time with in Budapest. Very fun. The Warwick itself, very cool place that I can only describe as dark and sexy. You have to know it is my kind of place with two huge photographs of gorgeous naked women on the walls including the star of now, Emily Ratajkowski.

It was an entire evening of dark and sexy which includes the hotel where we stayed, The Redbury in Hollywood. It seemed like eternal sultry night in the place with it’s dark colors and subtle illuminations. Very exceptional and unique design.

Now go see the movie when it comes out just shortly around the country. Starring Gena Rowlands, Cheyenne Jackson, Rita Moreno, Julian Sands, Jacki Weaver, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Anthony Zerbe and some amazing music. It is great fun!






Warwick Nightclub

Redbury Hotel


7 Weeks In Budapest For Six Dance Lessons

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks – The Movie was 7 Weeks in Budapest, Hungary for me. The movie website features many of my photographs shot as the still photographer on the production. To be released in a few weeks the movie is based on the hit play which has been seen in 24 countries and 14 languages. Starring Gena Rowlands, Cheyenne Jackson and Rita Moreno. Check out the website and trailer and go see the movie, it is great fun!

Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

Why Photographs From Movies?

Last year I was in Budapest, Hungary shooting the still photography on a motion picture. I was surprised that so many people asked “Why do they need photographs from a movie?”. The photographs are used for everything from movies posters, advertising, promotions and more. By example, here is one of my photographs from that movie “Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks” in the Hollywood Reporter the other day. The movie will be released on December 12th nationwide. And below you can see the movie trailer. It is great fun! Thanks!SDL-HR