Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Ideas From Where?

I am asked often where I get ideas for my photo shoots. The ideas really come from my mind. But I am always looking at photographs and magazines make up a big part of that. Not what you might expect though. I will be very blunt and say that the bodybuilding and fitness magazines are about as imaginative as tan condos in a planned community. And very often, very very often, the photography is just not good. These are three of the many magazines I try to catch all of the time. Usually I get them on my trips to L.A., I make it a point to make the stop to get some. Others I get include Treats! MagazineBlindfold MagazineMirageMagazine, LOVE, Purple Fashion magazine, the Leica S Magazine and many more. These three magazines also are on Facebook. Also they all have websites. Anyway the point I am making is… if you want to broaden your view of photo shoots, either being in them, shooting them or just enjoying them, get your eyes out of the fitness shelf. Make it more fun!

S Magazine Lui Flaunt

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