Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Here We Go! July 4th Muscle Beach!

The big July 4th weekend at Muscle Beach is less than a month away! So time to open the store for signing up for photographing you at the show, on stage and backstage. Bodybuilding, physique, figure, fitness, bikini, all of you. Click here…

You can also have your own mini shoot, Saturday or Sunday before the show. And you do not need to be a show competitor. Individuals or couples, we will shoot on a beach and even around the boardwalk in Venice or nearby in Marina Del Rey. Your photo shoot with one of the most known photographers in the business, that’s me! 

But you must sign up ahead of time and soon. I can only photograph the people who sign up. I just will not have time to photograph everyone, as much as I would love to! Don’t be one of the many people who following the Memorial Day show sent me a message like… “I wanted to get photos of me (or my guy or girl) but did not sign up, can I still get some?”. So please sign up ASAP! In all honesty, I am doing this (and so inexpensively) for you who work so hard and get the chance to stand on the stage “Where Muscle Were Born”! Details and sign up at

Muscle Beach Banner


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