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Uncle Izzy Film Credits

Continuing research into my new project about the Yiddish Theater. The man who in my family was called Uncle Izzy and his wife Jenny in the credits for the motion picture “The Light Ahead” from 1939. Izidore and Jenny Cashier. The names are sometimes also found as Isidore and Casher. From the Facebook page of Yiddish Cinematheque, the movie can be watched here…

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Who Is Who?

“Uncle Izzy” on the left. Started because of my own family connection, continued research into my project about the Yiddish Theater.

Who Is Who 1938

“Uncle Izzy”

That is what he was called in my family although I did not know him of course. Isidore Casher (1887-1948) was among the significant founders of the Yiddish Theater. He went on to star in a number of Yiddish motion pictures. The is not him on the poster photograph, that is co-star David Opatoshu. “The Light Ahead” 1939.

One of my discoveries for my new project about the Yiddish Theater. The Yiddish Theater along 2nd Avenue in New York City in the early 20th Century gave birth to much of the modern theater, motion pictures, music and entertainment cherished still today.

The Light Ahead sm

Yiddish Theater And Arnold

A wonderful PBS short documentary; when Broadway was featuring the “Wizard of Oz” or the “Ziegflield Follies”, the Yiddish Theaters along 2nd Avenue were bringing in two million people per year. My own family has it’s roots in the Yiddish Theater with then famous Yiddish actors Izidore and Jennie Casher co-founders with Maurice Schwartz of the Yiddish Art Theatre started in 1918.

The great creators of American iconic music and so many Christmas songs, George and Ira Gershwin, and Irving Berlin lived in this theater district. Many of the Hollywood stars and luminaries got their start in Yiddish Theater, even including Edward G. Robinson.

Indeed drawing a direct line, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first movie “Hercules In New York” traces back to the early Yiddish Theater.