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So much around us is just amazing when you shoot photographs. A Hummingbird in my backyard.

Strawberry Moon

Full Moon photographed last night 06-03-2023. Known as the Strawberry Moon, a name that originated with the Lakota, Ojibwa, and Algonquin peoples related to the timing of the blooming of strawberry plants.

Sunspots 06-03-2023

The Sun photographed this morning in Palm Springs at 0820hrs PST. The Sunspots are actually assigned a number and they are tracked. Sunspots are the origins for Solar flares and coronal mass ejections.

From NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)… Solar Cycle 25 has ramped up much faster than scientists predicted producing more sunspots and eruptions than experts had forecast. Tracking and predicting the Sun’s solar cycles gives a rough idea of the frequency of space weather storms of all types – from radio blackouts to geomagnetic storms and solar radiation storms – and it’s used by many industries to gauge the potential impact of space weather on Earth. Though we are seeing increased activity on the Sun, we expect this solar cycle to be average compared to solar cycles in the past century. Solar Cycle began in December 2019.

Mustang Coming At You

P-51 Mustang “Bunny” landing after Memorial Day 2023 flyovers at the airport in Palm Springs.

T-28 Trojan Landing

A North American T-28A Trojan landing at the airport in Palm Springs after Memorial Day flyovers 2023.

P-51 Mustang Landing

“Bunny” a P-51 Mustang landing after Memorial Day 2023 flyovers at the airport in Palm Springs.

What’s Up Doc?

The World War II C-47 “What’s Up Doc?” coming in for a Memorial Day flyover at the airport in Palm Springs.


A World War II FM-2 Wildcat coming in for a landing at the airport in Palm Springs for Memorial Day 2023.

Pacific Princess

“Pacific Princess”, a World War II B-25 Mitchell bomber coming in to the airport in Palm Springs to do the Memorial Day 2023 Flower Drop.


A Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer coming in for a flyover at the airport in Palm Springs for Memorial Day 2023.

Traveling Sunspots

Photographed this morning, 18 hours after the photograph I shot of the Sun in a post below. The sunspots on the right appear to have traveled approximately 481,000 miles during that time.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Lunar photography… the Waxing Gibbous phase of the Moon last night.


My first effort at Solar Photography. Those are sunspots. Not sensor dust lol. I have been wanting to do this for a long time.


For those of you visiting EATH LEY this weekend.

Clouds Time-lapse

Clouds time-lapse. Watch at the end, bottom right. for a single celestial object. Then top left the clouds illuminated by the Moon coming into the frame. May 4, 2023. Palm Springs California.

Clouds Time-lapse

Clouds time-lapse. Palm Springs California 04-12-2023

“Sleeping Figure” Desert X 2023

“Sleeping Figure” by Matt Johnson. A sculpture of shipping containers for Desert X 2023.

“Desert X is produced by The Desert Biennial, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in California, conceived to produce recurring international contemporary art exhibitions that activate desert locations through site-specific installations by acclaimed international artists.”

Clouds & Venus

Watch for the planet Venus becoming visible at sunset after an afternoon of fast moving clouds. Time-lapse March 29, 2023. Palm Springs California.

Clouds And Colors At Sunset

Lots of different cloud movements and subtle colors at sunset. Over Palm Springs yesterday. Time-lapse.

Water Salute

An American Airlines flight given a Fire Department water salute at the Palm Springs airport. Typically honoring a retiring aircraft. This was on March 3 2023.

Desert X In The Air

Last Saturday morning I saw this. I am guessing it is the announcement of the opening of the 2023 Desert X art exhibits.

Clouds Yesterday Rain Today

Clouds last day of February yesterday. Raining this morning. Palm Springs California. Time-lapse.

Clouds Coming Over

Clouds coming over the mountains today. Rain tomorrow night. Time-lapse. Palm Springs California.

Fast Moving

Fast moving clouds ahead of a storm expected over the next few days. Time-lapse. Palm Springs California.