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Interior Jack Rabbit Homestead

The interior of a Jack Rabbit Homestead exhibit by Kim Stringfellow for Desert X 2021. I have photographed many actual Jack Rabbit Homesteads throughout the desert above Palm Springs for a number of years. I first found out about and motivated to photograph them by Kim’s book “Jack Rabbit Homestead”.

How many of us would know what to do being isolated from the world, no internet or television. A bed and a typewriter in a small room.

The interior of a Jack Rabbit Homestead exhibit for Desert X 2021 by Kim Stringfellow.

Jack Rabbit Homesteads

Drive too fast and you will miss them. Don’t get out of your car and explore, you won’t see what is there. “Jack Rabbit Homesteads” in Wonder Valley California. From one of my photo excursions.

The Small Tract Act of 1938 gave up to 5 acres of land to people. If they built a small home on it within 3 years, they could buy the land for between $10 – $20 per acre.

Jack Rabbit Homesteads
Interior art in a Jack Rabbit Homestead