Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Jack Rabbit Homesteads

Drive too fast and you will miss them. Don’t get out of your car and explore, you won’t see what is there. “Jack Rabbit Homesteads” in Wonder Valley California. From one of my photo excursions.

The Small Tract Act of 1938 gave up to 5 acres of land to people. If they built a small home on it within 3 years, they could buy the land for between $10 – $20 per acre.

Jack Rabbit Homesteads
Interior art in a Jack Rabbit Homestead

They Use Sign Language

From one of my photo excursions…

Road sign in Wonder Valley California

Earth Day

So I guess this is “Earth Day”. Thinking about what photographs I have shot speak to that, for some reason this one just jumped out at me. A tiny abandoned cabin left onĀ federal land called Jackrabbit Homesteads in Wonder Valley California near Joshua Tree National Park. Maybe it is all the earth around the cabin or a post civilization remnant look, but perhaps it makes me think that this all what might be left if we don’t become better caretakers of the Earth.

Jackrabbit Homestead