Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Clouds Yesterday Rain Today

Clouds last day of February yesterday. Raining this morning. Palm Springs California. Time-lapse.

Clouds Coming Over

Clouds coming over the mountains today. Rain tomorrow night. Time-lapse. Palm Springs California.

Fast Moving

Fast moving clouds ahead of a storm expected over the next few days. Time-lapse. Palm Springs California.

Wind And Rain Next Few Days

Clouds over Palm Springs yesterday. Reminds me of an ocean in the sky. And I always really like the flash of color at sunset. The beginning of high winds and rain for the next few days. Time-lapse.

And Then Rain

Yesterday, very windy as the clouds build up, becoming totally overcast and then rain at sunset. Time-lapse. Palm Springs California.

Afternoon Clouds

Clouds time-lapse. End of the afternoon yesterday. Palm Springs California.

Color Changes

Clouds over Palm Springs Monday afternoon, January 9 2023, as storms moved into California. Watch for the sky color changes. Time-lapse.

Clouds Time-lapse

What seems like a boring grey sky becomes fascinating in time-lapse through the entire day. In Palm Springs.

Clouds Time-lapse

Clouds over Palm Springs yesterday afternoon. Time-lapse.

Clouds And Rain Time-Lapse

Clouds and rain over Palm Springs yesterday. Time-lapse.

Color At Sunset

Clouds over Palm Springs yesterday. I like the flashes of color at sunset. Time-lapse.