Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Kim Kardashian Gets To The Bottom Of Paper Magazine

There are so many things I find exciting and intriguing and fun about this new cover of Paper Magazine. For a start it is just a great photograph! Hair, makeup and wardrobe are superb! The design and execution of it by French photographer Jean-Paul Goude is perfect! I truly acknowledge Kim Kardashian herself for really going that extra edge, very artistically I might add, and for creating the perfect facial expression and looking absolutely beautiful. Then there is Paper Magazine itself which went way out on the edge as well to create a cover that is a work of art with a touch of the erotic, but so very playful! A non-stop round of applause here and a standing ovation!

I would also like to say that as I do, please go and subscribe to, or buy on the magazine stands, your favorite magazines. There is something about a printed copy of a magazine that greatly exceeds the experience of just looking at it online. And there are titles out there that are so very much more intriguing than your usual magazines. High end lifestyle magazines filled with the best photography, art, insightful stories of fiction, discourse on facets of life, and documentary. If you would like to know my favorites, send me a note. And with that said, here is a link to Paper Magazine. Take a look and maybe subscribe. And you can buy this issue that is the one to “BREAK THE INTERNET”.


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