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Creating Light

The artist in this painting duplicated the light he saw, used it to set the scene and made it highlight where he wanted to draw your gaze and attention. Just brilliant. Not unlike photography. The other day at the Huntington Library in San Marino CA.


Nova With Nova

When I was getting ready to do a photo shoot with Nova, I was excited to find that she had been featured in one of my favorite publications, “Victor” by Hasselblad. A beautiful publication that began as a very large format magazine and progressed to a book format. It is partially responsible for my having selected Hasselblad as my camera system.

So I was excited to have Nova sign her photograph in my copy of Hasselblad Victor Photography Book One during our photo shoot. And I am in great admiration of the original photograph and the series “Personal Visitation” by photographer Damon Loble. Applause!

This photograph with my Hasselblad digital camera and Broncolor lighting. Thanks!


Fine Art Nude?

A panel discussion at the Palm Springs Photo Festival last week raised the question of what is fine art photography. Personally I do not like definitions such as that. Is the difference between fine art and not fine art a really expensive frame perhaps. I guess this is my idea of a fine art nude. Aristodeme the model is nude and she is holding fine art. Photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera and Broncolor lighting. That equipment is fine art, and so is Aristodeme, of that I am sure!

Fine Art Nude

Flying In To Muscle Beach

Of course Lisa Marino Sanders would arrive in her United States Air Force F-16 for her photo shoot with me at Venice Beach.

The high flying Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Flight wear styling by April Ann Styles. And the real F-16 courtesy of the United States Air Force. Only at the real Muscle Beach for the real Muscle Beach/Venice bodybuilding and fitness shows.

Lisa Marino Sanders at Venice Beach

It’s All About…

It’s all about the shoes. Or maybe it is all about the jacket from St. John Knits. Perhaps it is all about the superb lighting by Broncolor or the incredible image quality from the Hasselblad digital camera. Well actually we are all looking at her. That works!


Iron Man Naturally Championships Competitors

Some great competitors who crossed my lens on stage at the Iron Man Naturally Championships 2016 at the FitExpo Los Angeles last weekend.

Iron Man Naturally Championships 2016

Jim Clifford at the 2016 Iron Man Naturally Championships

Iron Man Naturally Championships 2016

Lene Alexandre at the 2016 Iron Man Naturally Championships

Iron Man Naturally Championships 2016

Derrick Cole at the 2016 Iron Man Naturally Championships

Iron Man Naturally Championships 2016

Alexis Donahoe at the 2016 Iron Man Naturally Championships

Iron Man Naturally Championships 2016

Grace Marlin at the 2016 Iron Man Naturally Championships

Iron Man Naturally Championships 2016

Johanna De La Vega at the 2016 Iron Man Naturally Championships

Iron Man Naturally Championships 2016

Charlisa Nicole Villar at the 2016 Iron Man Naturally Championships

You Are In The Library Of Congress

If you have been in front of my camera, you are indeed in the Library Of Congress. I do register the Copyright on my photographs. And the Library Of Congress is the repository of those registrations along with thumbnails of all of the photographs. When you think about it, that is kind of cool!

Registered Copyright Certificates Envelopes

Sleeping With Torpedoes

Nothing better than sleeping just above a torpedo so you can jump on down and blow something up when necessary. Onboard the USS Pampanito, a World War II United States Navy submarine. First commissioned November 6, 1943. Completed six war patrols from 1944 – 1945. A Naval Reserve Training ship from 1960 – 1971. Touring this submarine was really interesting! In San Francisco.

Muscle Beach Photo Sign Ups

Muscle Beach/Venice, photographs and YOU! This Memorial Day weekend show, if you would like me to photograph you on stage and back stage, I am taking sign ups now. Please do not wait! Thank You and sign up here at this link…

Sign Up For Your Photographs At Muscle Beach

Are you doing the show at Muscle Beach this coming Memorial Day weekend? I am providing photography at the show. After 10 years of shooting at the Muscle Beach shows where so many have asked if I could shoot your stage photographs I have decided to do so. So this is where you sign up and there are a few different options. So take a look and please sign up as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute, I might not be able to add you. And I really would love to shoot great photographs of all of you! Thanks and SIGN UP HERE!

Muscle Beach Labor Day 2014

Muscle Beach Labor Day 2014

Selfies And Photographers And Artists

As I mentioned yesterday, I like seeing selfies, they are fun. The one I posted yesterday was more fun than selfie but I like the photography. Anyway it got me to thinking of famous photographers and artists who have done selfies long before they were selfies. This is one of my favorites from one of my most admired photographers, Helmut Newton. And that is his wife June watching the shoot session. Some people thought it so odd that she was okay with him being around so many beautiful naked women.


I Am Mom Approved!

An email I received from Maria Yvonne Bertrand… “Ian L. Sitren, look at what is framed and hung in the hallway at my mums house. A really awesome photographer took the picture.”

I am Mom Approved! Too Fun! After all that Maria Bertrand has done her Mom picked my photo! How cool is that.

And what has Maria done… been a model for Guess, Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, Le Vie en Rose, Dynamite, La Perla, Armani, Coke, Le Grenier and walked runway for wedding dresses, lingerie, jeans, high fashion, gowns and much more. She has done tons of catalogs, sports catalogs, and hair shows.

She has worked in Milan, Paris, London, Athens, Montreal, Toronto, Capetownand many places in between. Her magazine appearances and covers include Vogue, W, Chatelaine, Elle, Sante, Living Fit, Femme D’aujour’hui and more around the world.

How about commercials… Audi, Miller, Bud Light, Baskin Robbins, Molson Dry, Coppertone, Pela Windows, Comcast, Oceans, Michelob Ultra, Club Med.

Not done yet, Maria has been in eleven movies with the biggest stars you know and some cult favorites. Ands then numerous television shows.

So I am really good with her Mom liking my photograph of Maria enough to have it framed and hanging at home. Makes me smile!

You can click on this photo to see the actual photograph itself on my website.



Kim Kardashian Gets To The Bottom Of Paper Magazine

There are so many things I find exciting and intriguing and fun about this new cover of Paper Magazine. For a start it is just a great photograph! Hair, makeup and wardrobe are superb! The design and execution of it by French photographer Jean-Paul Goude is perfect! I truly acknowledge Kim Kardashian herself for really going that extra edge, very artistically I might add, and for creating the perfect facial expression and looking absolutely beautiful. Then there is Paper Magazine itself which went way out on the edge as well to create a cover that is a work of art with a touch of the erotic, but so very playful! A non-stop round of applause here and a standing ovation!

I would also like to say that as I do, please go and subscribe to, or buy on the magazine stands, your favorite magazines. There is something about a printed copy of a magazine that greatly exceeds the experience of just looking at it online. And there are titles out there that are so very much more intriguing than your usual magazines. High end lifestyle magazines filled with the best photography, art, insightful stories of fiction, discourse on facets of life, and documentary. If you would like to know my favorites, send me a note. And with that said, here is a link to Paper Magazine. Take a look and maybe subscribe. And you can buy this issue that is the one to “BREAK THE INTERNET”.


For The First Day Of Día de Muertos

For the first day of Día de Muertos, Day Of The Dead, All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween with Natalie Lyle. An all new meaning to “Trick Or Treat” I would say! The Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie herself as well as building that body. From our photo shoot, Just WOW!

Natalie Lyle 

A Hacienda Welcome

One of the astounding wall murals inside the Hacienda Cantina & Beach Club. And this is not just for Halloween. Was there today and the food was outstanding. By the way it is a “Beach Club” because it actually has a pool and a pool bar and cabanas. I think I see a party in the future!

Greetings From The Hacienda

Tequila Decisions

Tequila decisions are not easy! The other night at El Jefe at The Saguaro Palm Springs Hotel. They have really great food!

Tequila Decisions

A Rolls In The Grass

They never let me park on the grass. A really beautiful vintage Rolls Royce at the Palm Springs Air Museum for the Classic Car Show and Chili Cook Off yesterday.

Rolls Royce

1956 Chevy Convertible

Is this just too great! A 1956 Chevy Convertible parked out front at the Palm Springs Air Museum for the Classic Car Show and Chili Cook Off yesterday.


“TBT” Shooting Film

“TBT” “Throw Back Thursday”. For a photographer that means when we were photographing everything on film. Like this bodybuilding show photograph I shot in a medium format Mamiya camera on Kodak Professional film. The film was processed and scanned at The Icon Los Angeles. The thing I really like about film like in this photograph is the completely realistic skin tones. Also the shadows and highlights filled with detail. I still like shooting film.

Bodybuilder On Film

Someone For Everyone…

Who said blind dates are a bad idea? My Sunday night out on the town. Visiting Uptown Palm Springs at Grace Home Furnishings.

Wicked Witch

Look Who Copied My Selfies Series!

Look who copied my “I Love Selfies” series!

I Love Selfies! is a series I have been running and it has worked well for a number of people. Something I can do for you right now to start raising your profile.

I invite you to send me some selfies and I will show you off on my Blog and all of my Social Media as well as my Facebook pages. You will be seen by so very many! My pages are followed extensively by magazine editors, publishers, supplement companies and tens of thousands of people. In the gym, showing off the hard work you have put in, at the pool, or just having fun. 

So send me your Selfie and let’s show this guy how it’s done! My e-mail is Thanks!


Something Different For Me

Something different in front of my camera today. At the Olive and Wine Festival at Highland Springs Resort.

Olive & Wine Festival

My Monday Mind’s Meandering…

Wouldn’t this be very cool as a bus bench! Would you take the bus if Maria Bertrand were waiting for it with you? And wouldn’t it be more great if people dressed more fun like this all time! My mind’s meanderings as I think about the week. More Please!

Maria Yvonne Bertrand


Photography For Your Ad Campaign…

Photography For Your Ad Campaign...

I am ready willing and able to photograph your advertising campaigns, magazine ads, billboards and more. So this is my shout out to you supplement companies, clothing, sportswear, fashion, art directors, marketing managers. Just send me a note to my e-mail at Thanks!