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You and My Camera

Simple is my favorite way of creating photographs. Here Melyssa, window light, and a medium format camera loaded with Kodak Portra film. The only camera I have really enjoyed as much as shooting film is my medium format Hasselblad digital camera. It creates that film look of color, tonality and depth that I want to see in my work. Only the best! Thanks!

Window, Sunlight and a Camera

Selfies And Photographers And Artists

As I mentioned yesterday, I like seeing selfies, they are fun. The one I posted yesterday was more fun than selfie but I like the photography. Anyway it got me to thinking of famous photographers and artists who have done selfies long before they were selfies. This is one of my favorites from one of my most admired photographers, Helmut Newton. And that is his wife June watching the shoot session. Some people thought it so odd that she was okay with him being around so many beautiful naked women.


My New Selfie…

I always say I like selfies so here is a new of me. Oh… that other person is model Bailey Daniels.

A Photographer Selfie With Model Bailey Daniels


I just find it so odd that in the USA we find ourselves so censored as compared to much of the rest of the world when it comes to things considered sexual. At least that is my view when it comes to photographs and photography. Here is a page from Vogue Paris with model Emily DiDonato. And Vogue is what I would call a mainstream magazine. Below is how I have to post the same photo on Facebook. Can you imagine the same photograph made “safe” for “American” magazines. It is just not as interesting and beautiful. That is why the photograph was designed and photographed as it is in the first place.



The Intense Environment Of Salton Sea

The environment of Salton Sea can be very intense. Harsh Sunlight, desolate spaces, an eeriness to the Sea itself. In places a post apocalyptic look that would be movie perfect. But I find it uniquely compelling and beautiful. A favorite location for my photo shoots. Model Bailey Daniels.

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Across The Windows…

If you saw her across the alley from your window in her window? But did she see you?

At The Window

At The Window

At The Window

At The Window

At The Window

At The Window


Melyssa across the windows in our photo shoot.

Kim Kardashian Gets To The Bottom Of Paper Magazine

There are so many things I find exciting and intriguing and fun about this new cover of Paper Magazine. For a start it is just a great photograph! Hair, makeup and wardrobe are superb! The design and execution of it by French photographer Jean-Paul Goude is perfect! I truly acknowledge Kim Kardashian herself for really going that extra edge, very artistically I might add, and for creating the perfect facial expression and looking absolutely beautiful. Then there is Paper Magazine itself which went way out on the edge as well to create a cover that is a work of art with a touch of the erotic, but so very playful! A non-stop round of applause here and a standing ovation!

I would also like to say that as I do, please go and subscribe to, or buy on the magazine stands, your favorite magazines. There is something about a printed copy of a magazine that greatly exceeds the experience of just looking at it online. And there are titles out there that are so very much more intriguing than your usual magazines. High end lifestyle magazines filled with the best photography, art, insightful stories of fiction, discourse on facets of life, and documentary. If you would like to know my favorites, send me a note. And with that said, here is a link to Paper Magazine. Take a look and maybe subscribe. And you can buy this issue that is the one to “BREAK THE INTERNET”.


Fitness Is Also Looking Good Naked

Lots of reasons to be fit and healthy! And if you want it that way, looking good naked is one of them. All the better! From my photo shoot with Melyssa.

Melyssa Buhl Naked

The Ice, The Bucket and Naked…

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is looking up! I am kidding, it really is doing a lot of good! But glamour model Micaela Schäfer has stepped it up, way up! Naked on the streets of Berlin. My clothes are on but my hat is off to her. Micaela has my respect for being so very adventuresome to do this. So enjoy the video while I am checking out airfare and hotels. This is a screen shot from the video and the actual video is below that.