Photography by Ian L. Sitren

You Can Fly Too!

For all my friends who have said they are so envious of my flying in aircraft like this one…. Come on out! Info below…

At the Palm Springs Air Museum, your bombing mission is waiting for you! This Veterans Day weekend you can jump on board and take your flight in this World War II B-25 Mitchell Bomber! Put that on your bucket list at the very top!

Starting this Friday afternoon Nov 10th, Saturday afternoon Nov 11th and all day Sunday Nov 12th! The best First Class flight ticket you can buy for $425 for sure! This is a much better way to celebrate our Veterans and to participate in Thanking them for their service! Be a part of keeping these so very important and historical aircraft flying!

Too busy this weekend to fly with us.. Next weekend too! You can also fly on the afternoon Friday Nov 17th, and all day Saturday and Sunday Nov 18th and 19th. And November 18th is our Props & Hops Craft Beer Festival! So much fun going on! (Props & Hops is a separate admission, beer doesn’t fuel the airplanes!)

For more information and to reserve your flight, Call 805-377-2106. Leave a message and someone will call you right back. You can just come on in too but there are only six seats per flight and you might have to wait for the next available. But do not miss the incredible opportunity! Thank You!

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