Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Andy Summers – The Police

Jeff Dunas, the founder of the Palm Springs Photo Festival, kept announcing that we would have a surprise evening presenter back in 2009. A surprise it was, Andy Summers of the Police! Not only a rock star but a very talented photographer with a great eye for the moment.

It really was a great presentation that was a highlight of the all of the Palm Springs Photo Festivals I have attended since 2005. A part of his experience was something I often experience. Andy said he always had shot film but then decided to try digital. But he found that digital kind of left him empty and his photography went into a decline. He started with film again and Leica as I recall, and went back to his creativity and enthusiasm.

I got a copy of his book afterwards at the Festival party and talked with him briefly. I had him sign it to Rosie because she would have loved to have been there.

AS CoverAS FilmAS Sign


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