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Andy Summers – The Police

Jeff Dunas, the founder of the Palm Springs Photo Festival, kept announcing that we would have a surprise evening presenter back in 2009. A surprise it was, Andy Summers of the Police! Not only a rock star but a very talented photographer with a great eye for the moment.

It really was a great presentation that was a highlight of the all of the Palm Springs Photo Festivals I have attended since 2005. A part of his experience was something I often experience. Andy said he always had shot film but then decided to try digital. But he found that digital kind of left him empty and his photography went into a decline. He started with film again and Leica as I recall, and went back to his creativity and enthusiasm.

I got a copy of his book afterwards at the Festival party and talked with him briefly. I had him sign it to Rosie because she would have loved to have been there.

AS CoverAS FilmAS Sign


The Leica Film Look

Going a different direction for some of my photography. Will be shooting some film in a Leica lllf camera. This camera was manufactured in 1952 or 1953. All manual and not even a light meter. I always loved the look of film shot in Leica cameras.

Leica lllf LFI

Film Again

I always liked shooting film. Dwayne’s was the only film lab left still processing Kodachrome. I like many photographers saved our last rolls to get into Dwayne’s to be a small part of photography history.

Now in these changing times, I am going back to shooting some film for a change of pace and for the idea of going back to the history of photography. There is no more Kodachrome or Kodachrome processing but many films are in production and have been brought back in to production.

Kodakhrome T-Shirt

Film Was Is Good

I was still shooting film for my gym features long after everyone else went to digital. Here my buddy Jake Sawyer was the subject for me shooting a Leica M7 with Kodak Tri-X film. I love the look of film shot with a Leica and still do.

I did have to go digital to accommodate the need for fast turnaround when I was shooting bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Most of the time the photos were uploaded and online for my client,, by the next morning. More of the photos would then go to the magazines and be in the next print issues. I was shooting 25 – 30 competitions per year all around the country.

Jake Sawyer

Leica Freedom Train

At the beginnings of Nazi Germany, Ernst Leitz II, son of the founder and then director of the company manufacturing Leica cameras conceived a plan to evacuate Jews from the Nazis. Saving perhaps thousands, it became known as the Leica Freedom Train.

My selection of cameras is not just based on megapixels or price. It reflects the place in history of the camera company and the personal support of my business for which I am ever so grateful. Thank You!

Which Camera? What Settings?

What camera do you use? I hear that all the time. Or what settings are you using? Thinking that if someone uses the “same” settings they will get the same result. Well not going to happen. The camera and the settings are only a small part of the equation.

Here is a photograph of Maddy who was kind enough to follow my lead about what I wanted in a look. This was a demonstration shoot at the Leica Store Los Angeles of the Leica S-System. Last night I decided I wanted to re-look at the photographs I shot there to see the differences in that camera system from others. When you are holding a $30,000 camera and lens in your hands, you have to shoot better to really take advantage of it. Also on hand was lighting by Dan Cuny with Profoto USA. Thank You to everyone for letting me play with all that gear! Truly an asset when you can take advantage of such fun opportunities.

Trying out the Leica S-System at the Leica Store in Los Angeles.

Trying out the Leica S-System at the Leica Store in Los Angeles.


Walk Around With Leica S2 And Nipple Alert!

Walk Around With Leica S2 And Nipple Alert!

A wonderful sculpture in front of the Elena Bulatova Gallery in Palm Springs. I did a walk of street photography yesterday with a Leica S2 Medium Format digital camera. For you photography folks out there, it is a 37.5 megapixel camera with the expected optics of Leica lenses. Certainly the most expensive camera I have ever used for street photography coming in at almost $30,000. Part of my week at the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

Nipple alert even on a sculpture, I only felt safe putting a censored version of this photograph on Facebook. Unfortunate because it really is a integral part of this art.


Eat Right, Be Active, Have Fun.

Eat Right, Be Active, Have Fun.

A colorful billboard giving it’s healthy message to a stark environment. Photographed on FujiFilm in a Leica M7 camera.