Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Vicky Benzing

At the Apple Valley Airshow this past weekend. Vicky Benzing practicing her flight on Friday before the show.

Opening The Apple Valley Airshow

Unfurling the Flag for the opening of the Apple Valley Airshow this last Saturday. It really was great fun and a great show.

A4 Skyhawk At The Apple Valley Airshow

Last Friday, this A4 Skyhawk doing a practice flight at the Apple Valley Airshow. Just that morning we were on the ramp at the Palm Springs Air Museum. In the late afternoon Sun, it looks like polished aluminum when actually it is bright white. You can see it in my prior photos. The Airshow on Saturday was great fun. Including our aircraft from the Air Museum. More to come! Thank You!

Apple Valley Airshow

At the Apple Valley Airshow on last Saturday with the Palm Springs Air Museum. I flew there and back in our P-51 Mustang “Bunny” and our T-28 Trojan was there too. I also get to photograph other airplanes!