Photography by Ian L. Sitren


My New Shelter Watch Dog

My New Shelter Watch Dog

Got this guy at the shelter on Friday. They said he would make a great watch dog. But he doesn’t seem to bark at all. Also not interesting in playing ball. Oh well, we will see how he does at puppy class.

Actually a small part of a mural in Twentynine Palms photographed on a day long photo excursion. “This trompe l’oeil mural tells a story about an artist who fell asleep while painting a mural. Manifested from the artist dreaming about Cattle Days in Hidden Valley, a rodeo bull named Valentine is metamorphosed into reality next to the scaffolding. Named for the white heart shape on his head, Valentine also bears the McHaney gang brand, as if he traveled out of the historical scene in the mural. Waiting for the artist to awake, along with a patient vulture, Valentine will soon have his day.” “Valentine’s Day” by John Pugh.

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