Photography by Ian L. Sitren


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A Swim On A 1920’s Luxury Ocean Liner…

A Swim On A 1920's Luxury Ocean Liner...

Wouldn’t you love to do a photo shoot here! This pool was a topic of conversation the other day so I thought I would follow up with a post about it. This is a photograph I shot of The Health Club Pool at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.

Modeled after the decks of 1920’s luxury ocean liners. Solid brass trim on windows, doors and railings, teakwood deck chairs and hand-laid Italian mosaic tile on the walls and in the pool are original.The Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel had it’s grand opening in 1923 and was the largest hotel West of Chicago. It was the early home of the Academy Awards and the place of the 1960 Democratic Convention acceptance speech of John F. Kennedy.


Photography For Your Ad Campaign…

Photography For Your Ad Campaign...

I am ready willing and able to photograph your advertising campaigns, magazine ads, billboards and more. So this is my shout out to you supplement companies, clothing, sportswear, fashion, art directors, marketing managers. Just send me a note to my e-mail at Thanks!


Getting Ready For The West Coast Classic Bodybuilding Competition…

Getting Ready For The West Coast Classic Bodybuilding Competition...

Travis Ely getting ready to stand on stage tomorrow at Lonnie Teper’s NPC West Coast Classic. Getting in some posing practice in the mirror with his coach Jake Sawyer. Looking good and looking even better tomorrow!


Three Of One Doug Brignole!

Three Of One Doug Brignole!

Three of Doug Brignole in one photo. And it makes perfect sense!

First there is Doug Brignole the bodybuilding competitor having just returned from bering on stage at the 2014 NABBA World Championships in Belfast, Ireland. It was the Nabba Mr. Universe that launched a guy named Arnold. How cool is that!

Then there is Doug Brignole, a recognized expert in the field of exercise physiology, author of endless columns and features in bodybuilding and fitness magazines. The author of the published book “Million Dollar Mu$cle” along with Adrian James Tan. And as well, Doug is an amazing historian of the world of bodybuilding.

And third, there is Doug Brignole the personal trainer who has brought along people to heights of health and fitness they never would have guessed they could have achieved.

So three of Doug Brignole in just one of our photos from our shoot… Perfect!


Bus Stop, Mall or Social Media

Bus Stop, Mall or Social Media

It was in a shopping mall where Maria Bertrand was handed a business card and told she would make a great model. She ended up modeling and appearing in ads and magazines for Guess, Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, La Vien en Rose, Dynamite, La Perla, Armani, Coke, and Le Grenier. Maria worked in Milan, Paris, London, Athens, Montreal, Toronto and Capetown. Then commercials for Audi, Miller, Bud Light, Baskin Robbins, Molson Dry, Coppertone, Pela Windows, Comcast, Michelob and Club Med. Also there are about 20 movies and television shows. And like Maria said to me “I forget half the stuff I have done “. Pretty good for being spotted in a mall!

So where is the “mall” today. One top model, Asheigh Good, who is all over everywhere today, said she was spotted at a bus stop. “They took those photos, and then nothing much happened”. But three months later they went up on Facebook. “It was only two hours before a call came in from Ford Models. One week later, Ashleigh had booked the Givenchy in Paris, as an exclusive.” – Interview from “CR Fashion Book” Spring/Summer 2014 issue.

So I am making a point… Social Media is very powerful. For those of you looking to move ahead, be the person you want to be and be careful how you use Facebook and other Social Media. And if you are using horrible photos of yourself, well, that is what will be seen. By the way, all my Social Media is watched and has been seen by millions of people from all walks of life. That includes the owners of major companies, editors and art directors from all kinds of magazines and so very more. I have found it for me to be the most powerful tool I have ever used for “getting out there”! If I can give you any assistance or ideas or when you are ready for the photo shoot, send me a note to I love seeing people become successful! Thanks!


In Front Of My Cameras…

In Front Of My Cameras...

I have had so much fun photographing so many of you. This is what it is like in the gym in one of my photo shoots. Well with a couple of exceptions. The tall hot blonde is usually my Makeup and Hair Stylist, Natalie Lyle. But she is very amazing in front of the camera as well. And you don’t see my assistant, Clyde Sawyer, because he is taking the photo. The big guy there is Jonathan Rude. You know he is big because Natalie is 6 ft tall. Put her in 6 inch heels, and I have, well you get the idea! So who else wants to be in front of my cameras?