Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Art Is On The Street

Sometimes the art is on the street, you only have to see it. I wonder what people 100 years from now would think of this scene in the photograph. That seems interesting to me. On Highway 62 in Joshua Tree CA.

Art Queen

On the street at Art Queen in Joshua Tree CA

Neon Haberdasher

How many of you shop at at Haberdasher or even know what it is? Good place to stop if you suddenly need sleeve garters or a Savoy Fedora. This one has a great neon sign in Portland Oregon. I knew this was a photograph when I saw it!


Naked She Turned From The Train…

Naked, she turned from the train leaving with only a cape from her hair flowing behind her.

The famous bronze statue Kvinneakt created by Norman J. Taylor seemingly turning and leaving the train in Portland Oregon. Kvinneakt means “nude woman” in Norwegian. Often the source of fun and controversy, public art that endures.

Kvinneakt Leaving The Train

Hung Far Low

A sign that speaks for itself in so many ways. In the Chinatown District in Portland Oregon.

Hung FarLow

A Tall Lovely Woman

Street art mural in downtown Portland Oregon.

Tall Woman Mural Street Art

The Ice, The Bucket and Naked…

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is looking up! I am kidding, it really is doing a lot of good! But glamour model Micaela Schäfer has stepped it up, way up! Naked on the streets of Berlin. My clothes are on but my hat is off to her. Micaela has my respect for being so very adventuresome to do this. So enjoy the video while I am checking out airfare and hotels. This is a screen shot from the video and the actual video is below that.



Kosher Bakery Mural

What an amazingly interesting mural to have on the side outside wall of a Kosher Bakery! I photographed this yesterday on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. Actually Los Angeles is becoming known as a city of murals. Very Fun!

Kosher Bakery Mural