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Sci Fi Girl

I really like this girl! I am thinking photo shoot! Yesterday downtown Los Angeles near the L.A. Mart for Photo LA. Today you will find me at the FitExpo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

SkyPosters Girl

My Wall Friends Like Her Too!

Kind of sums it up! The person I photographed more than anyone else in 2015 is someone who never ceases to surprise me. How lucky am I to have as a buddy this amazing person Maria Yvonne Bertrand. And to get her in front of my cameras… WOW!

Let me tell you about her. Director of Content for the Fashion Platform Envy, she is also an accomplished writer for magazines and entertainment.

As a professional model, Maria has been seen for Guess, Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, La Vie en Rose, Dynamite, La Perla, Armani, Coca Cola, Le Grenier and more. She has been in and on covers for Vogue, W, Chatelaine, Elle, Sante, Living Fit, and Femme D’aujour’hui. Commercials for Audi, Miller, Bud Light, Baskin Robbins, Molson Dry, Coppertone, Pela Windows, Comcast, Michelob Ultra and Club Med. Then there are movies and television with some of the biggest names in the business.

There is much more, I am told her Mom keeps better track of all of it. But for now, me and my friends on the wall are just amazed that Maria puts up with me and my cameras! Looking to see what we do for 2016!

Maria Bertrand Legs Up

Photographed on Hasselblad. Only the best!

OK Smile!

Actually a small part of a building size mural in old downtown Indio California. Went on an excursion yesterday to photograph around old downtown Indio and Coachella and anything interesting along the way. There were many a great mural of incredible art. This one was especially extraordinary. I photographed with my Hasselblad medium format digital camera. The results are more astounding that I had imagined. The realism, color accuracy and sharpness create more of a duplicate of reality than just a photograph. Another photographer asked me if I had the clients who warranted such an expensive camera system. I said yes… Me! I expect the best photography I can do from me!

A Hacienda Welcome

One of the astounding wall murals inside the Hacienda Cantina & Beach Club. And this is not just for Halloween. Was there today and the food was outstanding. By the way it is a “Beach Club” because it actually has a pool and a pool bar and cabanas. I think I see a party in the future!

Greetings From The Hacienda

A Tall Lovely Woman

Street art mural in downtown Portland Oregon.

Tall Woman Mural Street Art

Kosher Bakery Mural

What an amazingly interesting mural to have on the side outside wall of a Kosher Bakery! I photographed this yesterday on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. Actually Los Angeles is becoming known as a city of murals. Very Fun!

Kosher Bakery Mural


My New Shelter Watch Dog

My New Shelter Watch Dog

Got this guy at the shelter on Friday. They said he would make a great watch dog. But he doesn’t seem to bark at all. Also not interesting in playing ball. Oh well, we will see how he does at puppy class.

Actually a small part of a mural in Twentynine Palms photographed on a day long photo excursion. “This trompe l’oeil mural tells a story about an artist who fell asleep while painting a mural. Manifested from the artist dreaming about Cattle Days in Hidden Valley, a rodeo bull named Valentine is metamorphosed into reality next to the scaffolding. Named for the white heart shape on his head, Valentine also bears the McHaney gang brand, as if he traveled out of the historical scene in the mural. Waiting for the artist to awake, along with a patient vulture, Valentine will soon have his day.” “Valentine’s Day” by John Pugh.


A Peanuts Route 66

A Peanuts Route 66

Weekends and nice weather. Makes me think of A Route 66 photo excursion. A trip a month ago and a Route 66 wall mural in Needles California. Sure makes a drab beige wall in the middle of town a lot more fun!


They Come From All Over To Travel Route 66

They Come From All Over To Travel Route 66

They come from all over to travel Route 66! We did yesterday, 409 miles and 14 hours round trip. This mural was on the side of a gas station in Needles, California. Great fun!