Photography by Ian L. Sitren

You Can Be A Star Where You Are!

I met Jennifer Henry when she did one of the shows at Muscle Beach/Venice, and over the months following, learned more about her. The more I learned the more impressed. You never know the path one follows. But I do know that we all can be inspired by those near us. And being inspired by Jennifer Henry is in that category. But for now I will say, look her up on her Facebook page and I am sure she will be telling her story to many more.

Jennifer is doing exactly what I tell and have told to many of you who want to be stars in our world of bodybuilding and fitness. Everyone wants to be on the cover of the magazines and have a big time contract. It can happen but it just does not happen for everyone. Luck, time. place, whatever. But you can be a star where you are right now! That will take you a very long way. And Jennifer is doing exactly that. And that is the right path to those next big opportunities and dreams! Good job Jennifer!

Jennifer Henry

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