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I Get Asked The Most About…

In my years as a photographer in the world of bodybuilding and fitness, I have for a long time been asked many times over and over…. “Have you ever photographed ________?”. And the person I always get asked about more often than any other has always been this glorious, gorgeous, wonderful creature on Earth…. Ava Cowan. One of the world’s best known, most popular and respected IFBB Figure Pro’s ever. Over 1,000,000 Facebook fans alone. So the answer is Yes, I have photographed Ava Cowan!

Ava Cowan


A Hugely Deserved Win For Sheena Epps At Muscle Beach!

Sheena Epps, totally gorgeous with an amazing well proportioned worked out body, won overall figure at the Muscle Beach Championship this past Labor Day. What a great pleasure to see her on that stage in that bright Venice Beach sunlight! The photograph captured on my Hasselblad camera, only the best!

You Can Be A Star Where You Are!

I met Jennifer Henry when she did one of the shows at Muscle Beach/Venice, and over the months following, learned more about her. The more I learned the more impressed. You never know the path one follows. But I do know that we all can be inspired by those near us. And being inspired by Jennifer Henry is in that category. But for now I will say, look her up on her Facebook page and I am sure she will be telling her story to many more.

Jennifer is doing exactly what I tell and have told to many of you who want to be stars in our world of bodybuilding and fitness. Everyone wants to be on the cover of the magazines and have a big time contract. It can happen but it just does not happen for everyone. Luck, time. place, whatever. But you can be a star where you are right now! That will take you a very long way. And Jennifer is doing exactly that. And that is the right path to those next big opportunities and dreams! Good job Jennifer!

Jennifer Henry

It Is Ava Time!

My best buddy Ava Cowan from our photo shoot at Muscle Beach/Venice some time back. You know Ava Cowan from so many magazine features, on stage at the biggest shows, her magazine columns, videos, appearances and much more. Truly one of the most respected and beautiful women in our sport of fitness.

I know that many of you are evaluating your direction in fitness and competition. So now is the time. Ava just re-launced her website and is offering a 25% discount on customized programs that will get you where you want to go. And Ava knows what she is doing and is the person who will save you years of mis-direction and can indeed find tune you. So go to her Facebook page and her website. The discount code is 25_off but don’t wait. It is only good through Tuesday at midnight! Go take a look!

Ava Cowan in the "Pit" at Muscle Beach Venice!

I Would Have Missed Marie De Lima Gomez…

Had I not been at Muscle Beach for the show I would have missed shooting this photograph of the exotic and beautiful Marie De Lima Gomez. This coming Monday, Labor Day, is the last Muscle Beach/Venice show of this Summer. Beautiful women and muscle guys on the stage. So come on out, it is great fun. I will be there with my cameras for sure!

Marie De Lima Gomez

Iron As A Supplement…

It has always been that iron is a great supplement. That is when used as weights in the gym. I think Ashley Owens Gulina has found exactly the right dosage! From our photo shoot. Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle.

Ashley Owens Guilna

Pool Party! Maybe Next Time…

It was a hot day out here in the desert when we were doing our photo shoot. So I had no problem persuading Ashley Owens Gulina to get in the pool. Actually our wonderful Makeup and Hair Stylist, Natalie Lyle dropped into the pool a few times herself. Good thing I was busy taking photographs or it would have been a pool party and not a photo shoot. Good idea! Maybe next time!

Ashley Owens Guilna

Another Side Of Ashley…

I said I would show you another side of Ashley Owens Gulina from our photo shoot. I hope you like this side as much as everyone liked her other side yesterday. You can sure see the hard work she put in to get her on stage at the NPC USA Figure competition in Las Vegas last weekend. And I must give a big Thank You to Natalie Lyle for her superb Makeup and Hair Styling for the day.

Ashley Owens Guilna

My Date… Well My Photo Shoot Date…

When my date showed up yesterday I decided to not post on Facebook all day. Well she was actually my photo shoot date. Ashley Owens Gulina fresh from her weekend on the NPC Figure stage at the USA in Las Vegas. That working out stuff does a body good! And she is so beautiful. Over the top fantastic Makeup and Hair Styling all day by Natalie Lyle. 

Ashley Owens Guilna

The Perfection Of The Lines Of Her Body

Look at the perfection of the lines of her body in that dress! Good thing I had a camera or I would have stared endlessly! Sasha Brown in our photo shoot at the Salton Sea.

Sasha Brown


Sending Some Love To Sasha!

Sending Some Love To Sasha!

Sending some LOVE to my good buddy Sasha Brown who is doing the IFBB Pro Figure Qualifier for the Olympia this weekend in Culver City California. We had the best time last week shooting photographs at Salton Sea here at Bombay Beach. I have known Sasha for a long time now and she just keeps getting more beautiful! Keep it going Sasha!


A Jessica Rabbit Who Found The Gym!

A Jessica Rabbit Who Found The Gym!

I showed you the teaser on the back of the camera last week. So I thought I better follow up with the actual photograph. Sasha Brown from our photo shoot last week at the Salton Sea. I imagined I was looking at a Jessica Rabbit who finally found the gym and built some muscle and definition!. Look at that tiny waist!

Sasha Brown Figure is one of the hardest working women in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness. An IFBB Figure Pro she has been traveling all over the world. She recently traveled throughout the Ukraine doing seminars and appearances. Sasha Brown is one of the most recognized people in fitness throughout Russia and Eastern Europe.


“Live The Life You Have”

“Live The Life You Have” – very good words painted on a wonderful hidden and well defined canvas! Cortney Solomon just did her first figure competition on stage at the NPC Grand Prix in Culver City California. Then in front of my cameras at the Power of Fitness Gym in Palm Desert CA. We had just too much fun and I really enjoyed getting in some extra unexpected reading while I was there!


Now Do You See Why I Love Selfies!

Now Do You See Why I Love Selfies!

Now do you see why I Love Seflies! Ifbb Pro Bojana Vasiljevic looking totally amazing! This beautiful woman in her career has done 90 shows! Personal trainer, competitor and fitness model, she is also an accomplished equestrian, a gymnast and a track and field competitor. To finish reading her resume I almost had to go out and get a lunch first it was so long! Visit her Facebook page to learn more about and see more of Bojana. Looking forward to have her in front of my cameras very soon!

I invite you to send me your selfies and I will show you off here on my Blog and on my Facebook pages. Girls and guys, whatever you want to send. In the gym, showing off the hard work you have put in, at the pool, just having fun. Anything a little too edgy for Facebook will go on my Blog and I will safely share it here. You don’t have to have ever done a photo shoot with me or even met me in person. It will also be a great way for me to see you and talk about photo shoots. Let’s do this, it’s all fun!

You must send me the selfie as a message to my e-mail at or on Facebook messages. I will say that I might have to pick and choose to make it manageable and hold some or change when I decide to post them for one reason or another. Thanks!


Team Kim Oddo Welcomes You To the NPC Grand Prix!

Team Kim Oddo Welcomes You To the NPC Grand Prix!

My photograph of Xavisus Gayden Ifbb Pro is the one inviting you by Team Kim Oddo to Jon Lindsay’s NPC Grand Prix in Culver City on April 12th. Stand on stage and go and have fun! And don’t forget to send me a note about being in front of my cameras. Maybe it is time!


She Started An Earthquake In Her Photo Shoot!

She Started An Earthquake In Her Photo Shoot!

The wonderful and popular Raechelle Chase from New Zealand in front of my cameras in Palm Springs. We had to put this iconic woman in an iconic setting! IFBB Figure Professional, writer, gym owner, trainer, entrepreneur, and Mom, Raechelle is one very special woman. Tough too, in our photo shoot she was buffeted by gale force winds and an earthquake. A lifetime memorable photo shoot was had by all!


Heidi Cannon Loving Her Photos We Shot

Heidi Cannon Loving Her Photos We Shot

Thanks Heidi Cannon Wbff Pro! I am so very happy you are loving the photos we did!


Muscle Beach 2014

Muscle Beach 2014

The Summer shows at Muscle Beach. The only real Muscle Beach shows at the place “Where Muscles Were Born”! And the 2014 banner with my photographs of two Muscle Beach favorites of muscle and beauty, even better!


Not Enough!

Not Enough!

Raechelle Chase IFBB Figure Professional in front of my camera in the gym. What a fun day and Raechelle Chase is just so very striking beautiful! All the way from New Zealand, the only thing wrong with photographing Raechelle is it does not happen often enough!


Huge Congratulations To Ava Cowan!

Huge Congratulations To Ava Cowan!

A huge congratulations to my best buddy Ava Cowan. Ava Cowan just this weekend was on stage for the Figure International at the Arnold Sports Festival. But it was only a year ago when we didn’t know if she would ever be on stage again. Suffering an injury that put her out of the gym and into surgery, it was a long climb back. A climb that I know most would have found all but impossible. So go visit her Facebook pages to learn more about this extraordinary human being and how she did it. There is much to learn for all of us. And now she is off to do it again at the Arnold Australia! Outstanding! This photo from one of our past photo shoots in Marina Del Rey California. Thanks!