Photography by Ian L. Sitren

From “Just Sick Of Being Fat” To Muscle Beach

Yet another beautiful woman to stand on stage at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day and in front of my camera with a special reason for that huge smile. A transformation again out of Train Insane Gym in Anaheim California. The first “before” photo below is Traci Jaye Hernandez in 2011 when, as she told me, “I was basically just sick of being fat and I wanted more energy to keep up with my two girls!”. “I changed my eating habits and got to a healthy weight.” She maintained herself by running and going to a gym.

That took Traci to April 2014 and the other slimmer “before” photo when she says she found Train Insane Gym which as she says “THAT was what enabled me to change my life!!!”.  Well I think Traci changed her life, and Train Insane Gym does seem to have it going on! Makes that smile on Traci’s face very addicting!

Are you doing the July 4th show at Muscle Beach? If you want me to photograph you too, it is time to sign up. You have the options of stage photos, backstage photos and even your own photo shoot the day before or after. But please sign up ASAP, I can only do so many. More details and Sign Up here…

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