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Winter Wonderland

“Winter Wonderland” is the first thing that crosses my mind. Which is an example of why I do not typically title my photographs. However I can correctly title Maria Bertrand… Beautiful! From our photo shoot at Venice Beach.

Maria Bertrand at Venice Beach


Vintage Swimsuit Is Here!

The first retro Vintage Swimsuit competition has now happened! A look back in time to those healthy, carefree, and exciting times at Muscle Beach that the entire world imagines. Vividly in everyone’s mind is the picture of Southern California beaches, the sun, good looking guys and pretty girls. And the pretty girl here is picturesque herself, Hannah Gordon Etherson on stage at Muscle Beach!

Hannah In Her Vintage Swimsuit

Hannah Etherson competing in the revival of Vintage Swimsuit competition at Muscle Beach, Memorial Day 2016.

Hitchhiking to Muscle Beach

I imposed upon Maria Bertrand to demonstrate the proper form and universal sign for hitchhiking to Muscle Beach. We were on Mulholland Drive above Beverly Hills so the results  for cars that stopped included 17 Ferraris, 14 Lamborghinis, 6 Bentley Coupes, 11 various Rolls Royces, 4 Lincoln Town Cars and one black Loach helicopter with no markings that dropped out of the sky. However last I saw of Maria for the day was as she rode off on the back of a bright red Vespa with a really cute blonde wearing a matching helmet who had really long legs. I went back to the hotel with my Hasselblad camera and my memories of the day, in my photographs. Sigh…

Hitchhiking To Muscle Beach


Your Photo Shoot At Venice Beach

Your photo shoot with me Memorial Day weekend. I will be at Venice Beach for the huge show at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day. So on Saturday or Sunday, May 28 and 29, you can have your own mini photo shoot with me. You do not have to be doing the Muscle Beach show. Fashion model or bodybuilder, bikini model or physique competitor and couples, all are welcome. Just like my wonderful beautiful friend Maria Bertrand from our shoot on the sand at Venice Beach.

Spend about an hour with me at Venice Beach, The Venice Beach Boardwalk or a nearby beach in Marina Del Rey. Because I am photographing so many people that weekend and at the Muscle Beach show, I do these photo shoots at hugely reduced rates just to make it available to as many people as possible. But please sign up immediately so we can get you in. And if you are doing the show, sign up for your photographs with me, both on stage and backstage in the famous workout Pit. Thanks and here is the link for sign up…

Maria Bertrand at Venice Beach

Vintage Swimsuit Posing At Muscle Beach

So excited to be the Muscle Beach photographer shooting the first new Vintage Swimsuit Competition. You can have your photographs on stage, backstage in the famous “Pit” or even your own photo shoot on Saturday or Sunday. But I can only photograph so many people so please sign up ASAP. Any questions just get back to me on Facebook Messenger. Thanks! For more details and sign up information go to


Posing examples for the new Vintage Swimsuit Competition at Muscle Beach.


Find Her Find Me

She is truly amazing in front of my cameras. As my often Makeup and Hair Stylist on my photo shoots she is incredibly talented. As my assistant at Muscle Beach, at 6 ft tall and gorgeous, she makes it really easy to find me. So when you look for me back stage in the workout “Pit” in the morning at check in, look for Natalie Lyle. I am the guy with the cameras next to her.

For the details and sign up for my photographing you at the huge Muscle Beach Show on Memorial Day weekend please click here. At the show or even if you are not doing the show for photo shoots that weekend, please take advantage of me. My photo shoot costs are usually at least ten times that what I charge for these Muscle Beach weekends. But you have to sign up ahead of time and ASAP before I book up. Thanks and click here…

Natalie Lyle

Working Your Way To Muscle Beach

If you are going to work that hard and do the show at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day, you have to get in front of my cameras! Just ask Melissa Loya! Time to sign up, and for more details click here…

You can have your photos on stage and backstage in the famous workout “pit”. You can also have your own mini photo shoot for yourself or a couple on the Saturday or Sunday of that weekend. That can be on the beach and around the world famous Venice Boardwalk. 

Not doing the show? You can still have your own mini photo shoot. Either way, take advantage of me! My shoot rates are often at least 10 times what I do for this show. I do these photo shoots like this only for Muscle Beach.

But you must sign up ASAP! I will not have time to photograph everyone as much as I really would like to. So get signed up and let’s get you some outstanding photographs! Click here…


Muscle Beach Memorial Day 2015

Melissa Loya at The Muscle Beach International Classic Memorial Day 2015