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Everything About Cardio

I really enjoyed shooting this video for Palm Springs Fitness Center. Actually a little long for social media, but it really explains the good and bad about “cardio machines” for weight loss. Everybody wonders about why they can march on that treadmill for hours and hours and never lose a pound. I know this is a hot topic; very quickly it was watched by a few thousand people. Check it out…


Still find this motivating after all these years! I know you won’t admit it, but you do too! Now do something like go to the gym and stop just taking about it!

From Here To There!

Before and almost after, still going. My own story and you will like this. A before and after like you have never seen!

She Has Lost 75 Pounds So Far

Another video workout interview I did for Palm Springs Fitness Center. I love doing these and in this one, Mariah just puts a smile on your face with her enthusiasm. By the way, she has lost 75 pounds!


They Lost 70 Pounds

Another fun video segment I did for Palm Springs Fitness Center. I love telling these real stories with real people on their fitness journey.

Fitness Journey Transformation

I photographed and wrote a monthly feature for in Iron Man Magazine about some wonderful people on their fitness journey. It went on for three years and this story with Juliet Banks was the last. But way up there as one of the most wonderful! Photographed at my favorite gym, Palm Springs Fitness Center. Thanks!


Juliet Banks spent her time devoted to helping others with very special needs. And indeed her own family had very special needs as well. It took a toll on her own health and well being. But there came a time when she realized that she would not be able to help anyone if she didn’t do something about helping herself.

Juliet never wanted to share her story, too ashamed about where she had been. But her involvement in the fitness world brought her to being selected for a feature as the BodySpace Physique Of The Month.

“Buying Size 10 Made Me Want To Cry”

Nicole Zimmer Toepper said that despite exercising and eating right that she was resigned to thinking that was just the way it was going to be after turning 40. One year ago she couldn’t button her size 8 pants and the thought of buying size 10 made her just want to cry. And then another incredible transformation with the help of Train Insane Gym. Nicole went from a very unhappy size 8/10 to standing on stage at Muscle Beach on this past Memorial Day only about a few weeks ago. That wiped away the tears!

Muscle Beach on July 4th I will be doing the photography on stage and backstage if you are doing the show. And even your own photo shoot the day after the show or the day before. But you must please sign up as soon as possible. For more information and to sign up just click here and Thanks…

She Did It In Eight Months!

She did it in less than a year! Catie Fernandez Magdaleno said she always “hated her body”. She was a runner doing 8 -10 miles per day! Figured she could eat whatever she wanted because all that running took care of it. Did not work. So 9 months after having a baby, when this before photo was taken, she joined Train Insane Gym, stopped running and went on their program of food and lifting. The results speak for themselves. This gorgeous woman went from September 2014 to standing on stage at Muscle Beach/Venice on this past Memorial Day! Just WOW!

Are you going to be on stage at Muscle Beach on July 4th? I will be doing photographs but only if you sign up ahead of time. On stage, backstage or even your own photo shoot the day before or after. It is only a couple of weeks away so please sign up ASAP. There is a limit to how many people I can do. Here is the online sign up with more info and Thanks!

From “Just Sick Of Being Fat” To Muscle Beach

Yet another beautiful woman to stand on stage at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day and in front of my camera with a special reason for that huge smile. A transformation again out of Train Insane Gym in Anaheim California. The first “before” photo below is Traci Jaye Hernandez in 2011 when, as she told me, “I was basically just sick of being fat and I wanted more energy to keep up with my two girls!”. “I changed my eating habits and got to a healthy weight.” She maintained herself by running and going to a gym.

That took Traci to April 2014 and the other slimmer “before” photo when she says she found Train Insane Gym which as she says “THAT was what enabled me to change my life!!!”.  Well I think Traci changed her life, and Train Insane Gym does seem to have it going on! Makes that smile on Traci’s face very addicting!

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After, Before, Amazing!

I photographed some fabulous bodies at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day. Only days later did I start learning just how fabulous. Melissa Loya as she stood in front of my camera backstage in the workout pit. What a beautiful woman with a rocking body! And then Melissa Loya only eighteen months before at 200 pounds when she said to herself “No More!”.

Melissa and other amazing transformations seem to have in common Train Insane Gym in Anaheim California. From what I am seeing, this gym appears to be the secret weapon for turning Befores into Afters!

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Want To Lose 5 Pounds Today?

Want to lose 5 pounds today? Throw your scale away! My friend Duyen Arissshared the best comparison ever. In the left photo she weighs 113 pounds. Two years later she weighs 113 pounds. That is two years of eating good real food and lifting iron in the gym. I wonder how many women for two years have been on one “diet” or another and been bouncing around in some group class trying to lose 5 pounds. And the wrong 5 pounds at that! By the way, in that photo on the right, Duyen is 40 years old. Outstanding!

Duyen Ariss