Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Wow! All That Behind A Business Card

My new business card. Interesting story behind both sides. The beautiful woman is my friend Gabriella Muttone. Not only a gorgeous and successful model but also an incredibly talented photographer herself. Take a look at her work on her website and you will see why I admire her so very much! At

That little boy on the other side of the card is actually me. Yes my photography interests go way back and had some detours along the way. But here I am now. Although I guess I used to dress much better. By the way that photo of me was used recently by the largest association for professional photographers in the world as a magazine ad for their organization, Professional Photographers of America.

A big Thank You to my friend Dennis Johnson, who is very highly regarded professional graphic design artist, for taking the time to create my card.

And a big Thank You to Fred Bell at the Palm Springs Air Museum for letting Gabriella use his office to change wardrobe during our photo shoot.

Wow, all that behind a business card! Even more actually… Gabriella photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera and Broncolor lighting on a Matthews roller stand. And ever reliable assistance by Clyde Sawyer. Very expensive business card!



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