Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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USMC C-130 Hercules

A United States Marine C-130 Hercules taking to the air in front of the control tower at the Palm Springs airport this past Saturday. 

C-130 The Rock

A C-130 Hercules from Little Rock Air Force Base arriving in Palm Springs. Little Rock is the primary C-130 training base for the Department of Defense.

C-130 Taxiing Palm Springs

A C-130 Taxiing by the ramp at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

C-130’s Palm Springs

We had three United States Marines C-130s flying in and out of Palm Springs this past weekend.


C-130 Landing

A military C-130 aircraft landing in Palm Springs yesterday. I just happened to be out there.

C-130 Taxi At Sunset

A C-130 going by the Palm Springs Air Museum around sunset last Friday evening.

Military Flights At Palm Springs

Actually we do get a lot of military aircraft at Palm Springs. There were a few C-130’s on hand today. I was on the ramp running flights at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

C-130 Parallel Parking

How good are you at parallel parking your car? Well how about parallel parking a C-130 Hercules!

Canadian Invasion

It is actually very common to see military aircraft flying in and out of the Palm Springs Airport. So when everybody at the Palm Springs Air Museum saw a military cargo plane take off last Saturday, it was business as usual. I shot some photos and did not think about it again until now when I was going through all of them. And there it is, a Canadian Forces CC-130J Super Hercules transport. Well it is actually the “Palm Springs International Airport“.