Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Flabob Express

On Photo Excursion last week was near the Flabob Airport in Riverside California. So stopped and happened to see a friend, the Flabob Express DC-3. I have been lucky enough to have flown in the Express a few times.

The Flabob Express DC-3 at Flabob Airport

Flabob Express

Another view of the “Flabob Express” DC-3 that was flying over Palm Springs yesterday. Part of the “Props & Hops” craft beer festival at the Palm Springs Air Museum. And yes there was beer tasting going on while it was overhead. Not the pilots, I know for sure, I was on board for one of the flights.


DC-3 Backseat Driver

Doing some backseat driving in a DC-3. The “Flabob Express” yesterday flying out of the Palm Springs Air Museum. Can you believe there was craft beer tasting going on behind me! Too fun!