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Up It Goes!

Yesterday was the Beam Raising & Signing at the Palm Springs Air Museum for the new Kenneth P. Miles Korea and Vietnam Hangar. It will celebrate the history, personal stories, artifacts and aircraft from those eras and times.

In attendance were many of the heroes of those years, including the Veterans who flew the aircraft you see at the Museum and destined to have a new home in that hangar. Signers of the beam being raised and put into position for the years and decades ahead. And I am so very excited and humbled to not only have been there but to have signed it as well. Wow! Thank You!





Each Of Us Can Work To Change A Small Portion Of Events…

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 1966

Please join with me and an amazing resource of living history, the Palm Springs Air Museum, in building this working memorial to the many who have served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The support we provide now will honor those who have given so much and will influence so many who will one day walk through those doors. Thank You! And please click here…

F-86 And MiG-15 Dogfight!

Last night at the Palm Springs Air Museum, the dedication and unveiling of the newly restored F-86 Sabre Jet by Museum Director Fred Bell. The F-86 was introduced during the Korean War and was met head on by the Soviet MiG-15. This MiG-15 will be flying today at the Air Museum following a one hour program at 1:00 PM. Be there! I will and with my camera!



F-86 Dedication

The story of the battle between these two aircraft makes up the very first episode of the extraordinary historical series “Dogfights”. The series first aired on the History Channel and was co-created by my friend on Facebook and Emmy Winner Brooks Wachtel. Here is that episode “MiG Alley”…