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Up It Goes!

Yesterday was the Beam Raising & Signing at the Palm Springs Air Museum for the new Kenneth P. Miles Korea and Vietnam Hangar. It will celebrate the history, personal stories, artifacts and aircraft from those eras and times.

In attendance were many of the heroes of those years, including the Veterans who flew the aircraft you see at the Museum and destined to have a new home in that hangar. Signers of the beam being raised and put into position for the years and decades ahead. And I am so very excited and humbled to not only have been there but to have signed it as well. Wow! Thank You!





Voyage To Vietnam

Imagine laying in your bunk, not much to do, mind wandering, thinking about what is ahead of you, the unknown and the fear. On board your troopship, you just draw on the bottom of the bunk just inches above you. “Marking Time: Voyage To Vietnam” an exhibit at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Just one of the reasons to get over there today. Including the exhibit “Salute To WWII Flying Tigers in China” and a presentation “France 1940: The Invasion That Shook The World” followed by a flight demonstration with the Museum’s C-47. Be there, I will!

Voyage To Vietnam

The Palm Springs Air Museum Gala

“The Palm Spings Air Museum Gala is coming. 2/12/16 we are honoring 8 Green Berets that held off a reinforced NVA regiment (2,000+ men) at the Battle of Ton Le Chong (8/67). Ken MIles revcieved his Silver Star for the action for airstrikes that saved the 8 Special Operations troops. We have reunited the “Mike A” team from all those years ago. I have attached the video promoting the event. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to honor these troops.” – Fred Bell, Palm Springs Air Museum Managing Director

Join me for this once in a lifetime opportunity, I will be there. Thank You! More info and tickets at


Each Of Us Can Work To Change A Small Portion Of Events…

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 1966

Please join with me and an amazing resource of living history, the Palm Springs Air Museum, in building this working memorial to the many who have served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The support we provide now will honor those who have given so much and will influence so many who will one day walk through those doors. Thank You! And please click here…


Huey Gunship and Loach

Huey Gunship and Loach

Vietnam War era helicopters over the skies at the Palm Springs Air Museum yesterday. A Huey Gunship and a Loach. Good thing I brought a camera!

The Loach was officially named the Cayuse, it was a light observation helicopter that was sometimes equipped for combat. In the movie “Blackhawk Down” you hear them referenced as “Little Birds” operated by U.S. Army’s Special Operations Forces.

The Huey Gunship, actually the Bell UH-1 Iroquois, where 7,000 of them saw extensive service in the Vietnam War. Used for everything from troop transport and medical evacuation, it became most known for it’s combat role as “Air Calvary”. The Huey reached Hollywood epic star stars in the Vietnam War movie “Apocalypse Now”.