Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Space Travel Not Required

Found a new photo shoot location on a recent photo excursion. And no space travel required. I can see you posing in front of that landscape now! The question is… Who is you? Send me an e-mail to Thanks!


Shoes and Atomic Bombs

Shoe shopping in Rice California along Hwy 62. Rice was formerly named Blythe Junction. Now a ghost town, it was the home of Rice Army Airfield. It was the 2nd choice for the world’s first atomic bomb test in 1942. This is the somewhat famous Rice Shoe Tree. On a photo excursion and location scouting yesterday.



Wouldn’t you like to know who and why? I would.

That Way!

Sometimes these photo excursions and location scoutings are not much more planned than going ‘that way’. At Rice California with Arizona straight ahead.


Miles And Miles And Then…

Sunrise the other morning taking a different route to the Salton Sea. A day for a combination of photo excursion and location scouting. Almost 25 miles of road with no one to be seen and then coming around a turn, a crew shooting a Nike commercial complete with a California Highway Patrol escort.

Moon Setting At Sunrise Box Canyon Nike Commercial