Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Antediluvian Tea

I love this woman and the scene and the entire design! A resort that once was “away” from the big city. Not in Palm Springs but in Southern California. Anyone want to guess where this is from? I was there on Monday.


What I Do…

I get asked about what I do to relax when I am not shooting photos and video of gorgeous women for ads and magazine features. Or when I am not shooting bodybuilders and gym workouts. Or when I am not doing photos and videos of aircraft or flying in them. Well I hang out with friends, take some road trips, shop for a new car.

Found The Garage

Now I know where it is… Old roadside sign in Yermo CA. On a photo excursion last week.


No Apple Pay Here

I am guessing they don’t take Apple Pay. On a photo excursion on Old Hwy 58 Southwest of Barstow CA.


That Way!

Sometimes these photo excursions and location scoutings are not much more planned than going ‘that way’. At Rice California with Arizona straight ahead.


No Humping!

On a road trip to the Orange Empire Railway Museum. I can state that I did no humping whatsoever!

No Humping

On the side of a train car at the Orange Empire Railway Museum