Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Fred Bell, director of the Palm Springs Air Museum, taking command of the 1928 Ford Tri-Motor. At start up, over the comm, he can be heard saying “Scotty give me everything you got! Mr. Sulu WARP SPEED!”. I know for sure, I heard it myself 🙂


From The Co-Pilot Seat

The takeoff in a 1928 Ford Tri-Motor passenger airplane. Yesterday leaving the Palm Springs Air Museum. This is one of the very first passenger aircraft. Three engines and ten passengers. Cruising speed of 107mph and a range of 570 miles. A must see, it will be available at the Air Museum through this Sunday (March 19th) and available for rides all day each day.


They’re Flying!

Lots of flying today for lots of people at the Palm Springs Air Museum. And not just any flying! In a 1928 Ford Tri-Motor, one of the very first ever passenger airplanes. You can fly too, through Sunday! I will be!

Ford Tri-Motor