Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Tea And Mufflers

For those days when you would like to have a soothing afternoon tea with friends while getting your muffler swapped out. On a Photo Excursion in Jurupa Valley, Southern California.

They Use Sign Language

From one of my photo excursions…

Road sign in Wonder Valley California

What I Do…

I get asked about what I do to relax when I am not shooting photos and video of gorgeous women for ads and magazine features. Or when I am not shooting bodybuilders and gym workouts. Or when I am not doing photos and videos of aircraft or flying in them. Well I hang out with friends, take some road trips, shop for a new car.

Found The Garage

Now I know where it is… Old roadside sign in Yermo CA. On a photo excursion last week.


No Apple Pay Here

I am guessing they don’t take Apple Pay. On a photo excursion on Old Hwy 58 Southwest of Barstow CA.



I Am Always Wary Of Pickpockets!

I Am Always Wary Of Pickpockets!

I am always wary of pickpockets! On a Route 66 photo excursion on the grounds of the Goffs Schoolhouse in the East Mojave Desert. Part of the Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association.