Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Winner At Muscle Beach And Much More!

Elizabeth Gonzalez looking totally gorgeous and fit backstage at Muscle Beach. A First Place Class winner at the Memorial Day International Classic 2015! But it is what I have learned about her since I met her at the show that knocks me out. Only 19 months ago Elizabeth was an out of shape and might I say chubby 168 pounder who had never done anything athletic. A pretty girl however, describing herself as a “nerdy” “bookworm” “social type”.

It looks like she turned a big corner when she found the Train Insane Gym in Anaheim California. Elizabeth began her journey of health eating and working out. And dedication! Just look what happened!

Now also to my surprise is that among the many women who came out to compete at Muscle Beach from the Train Insane Gym this Memorial Day is that a number of them made tremendous transformations like Elizabeth. I had the opportunity to photograph many and I hope to be showing you them here on my Blog. That must be some gym with a bunch of great people!

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