Photography by Ian L. Sitren

She Did It In Eight Months!

She did it in less than a year! Catie Fernandez Magdaleno said she always “hated her body”. She was a runner doing 8 -10 miles per day! Figured she could eat whatever she wanted because all that running took care of it. Did not work. So 9 months after having a baby, when this before photo was taken, she joined Train Insane Gym, stopped running and went on their program of food and lifting. The results speak for themselves. This gorgeous woman went from September 2014 to standing on stage at Muscle Beach/Venice on this past Memorial Day! Just WOW!

Are you going to be on stage at Muscle Beach on July 4th? I will be doing photographs but only if you sign up ahead of time. On stage, backstage or even your own photo shoot the day before or after. It is only a couple of weeks away so please sign up ASAP. There is a limit to how many people I can do. Here is the online sign up with more info and Thanks!

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