Photography by Ian L. Sitren


The Woman Who First Said “I Love To Look Good Naked”

As we go into the weekend, I thought I might share with you more of what my job is, and it is not easy! Photographing beautiful women!

Can you believe this was actually an out take from a magazine ad shoot for! The actual ad with another photograph we chose from that shoot ran in fitness and bodybuilding and more magazines that I even can recall for a long time. For quite a while I heard and still hear from women who tore that ad out and put it on their refrigerators. I think quite a few guys did too! The model is Maria Rogers and one of my all time favorite photo shoots. And you can click on the photograph to go to the video we shot around the photo shoot, also for I am pretty sure it was Maria who started the phrase “I Love To Look Good Naked” in that video. You really want to watch the video!

Are you ready to do a photo shoot with me? Would you like me to shoot your magazine features or advertising? Send me a note and let’s chat about it. Thanks!

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