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Bed Time

Billboards in Las Vegas and full page ads in Vogue are where you have seen Shawn Towne. But I put her to bed, at least in front of my cameras. And that was in Las Vegas too. What is beautiful in Las Vegas is beautiful everywhere! Makeup and Hair Styling by the so very professional Christine Copeland. Photo assistant and even wardrobe styling ideas for the day by the equally talented Jennifer Chamberlin.

Shawn Towne

“See Through”

“See Through” with model Nova. Shoot notes… Hasselblad digital camera system. Broncolor  lighting with the Para 133 and Broncolor 1200L Move pack.

See Through


Sitting, standing, lying on the floor and posing, Noel VanBrocklin mesmerized both myself behind the camera and makeup and hair stylist Blanche LeBeau all day. Actress and model, Noel was amazing even when in a chair upside down. Wait until you see a photograph from that series!

Not any photo of any model makes it to my website. Noël VanBrocklin in this photograph does for sure! Much better seen on a full screen as big as your biggest screen. Bigger is better! Click here…

Noel VanBrocklin

Noel VanBrocklin, Makeup and Hair Styling by Blanche LeBeau. Lighting by Broncolor and digital camera system from Hasselblad. Nothing but the best!

Freeze Frame!

“Her lipstick reflex got me wound
There were no defects to be found
Snapshot image froze without a sound”
– “Freeze Frame” – J. Geils Band

Maria Bertrand from our photo shoot the other day! Fantastic Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle!

Maria Bertrand

I Can Hear Her Saying…

I can hear her saying to me “Just sit right down here and we will have a little breakfast”. Yes that was it, I recall distinctly. From my photo shoot with one of the most beautiful women I have ever photographed Ashley Owens Gulina. Makeup and Hair styling by the ever incredible Natalie Lyle. Ashley Owens Guilna

I Found Gold At Venice Beach!

I found Gold at Venice Beach! Maria Bertrand had the best idea of how to start out Fall this year. And in front of my camera makes it even better. Any wonder why this woman has been in front of cameras around the world for the finest fashion houses and the most well known fashion magazines. How lucky am I! Thank You Maria!!

Maria Bertrand at Venice Beach

I Love Exploring!

An old concrete underground bunker near the Salton Sea. And Bailey Daniels knew exactly what to wear to explore it. I love exploring! From our photo shoot.



“Alluring” – powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating; seductive. What words would you use to describe Ashley Owens Gulina?

From our photo shoot after her standing on stage at the NPC USA Figure competition in Las Vegas. The superb Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. 

Ashley Owens Guilna

What Is It Like?

Someone asked me the other day what it is like to photograph the incredibly beautiful women I photograph while I am actually shooting. Well I can sure say it is fun! We all end up being good friends. I am often in awe of what I see through the viewfinder of my camera. Seeing and editing the photographs afterward is beyond description. Randalene Sergent here from one of our photo shoots certainly fits all of that. An amazingly beautiful, intelligent, intriguing and fun individual. She stands on the NPC Bikini stage, works hard and is a driven business person. Always special when Randalene is here for a photo shoot! Just too good! Thanks!

Randalene Sergent

Another Side Of Ashley…

I said I would show you another side of Ashley Owens Gulina from our photo shoot. I hope you like this side as much as everyone liked her other side yesterday. You can sure see the hard work she put in to get her on stage at the NPC USA Figure competition in Las Vegas last weekend. And I must give a big Thank You to Natalie Lyle for her superb Makeup and Hair Styling for the day.

Ashley Owens Guilna

My Date… Well My Photo Shoot Date…

When my date showed up yesterday I decided to not post on Facebook all day. Well she was actually my photo shoot date. Ashley Owens Gulina fresh from her weekend on the NPC Figure stage at the USA in Las Vegas. That working out stuff does a body good! And she is so beautiful. Over the top fantastic Makeup and Hair Styling all day by Natalie Lyle. 

Ashley Owens Guilna

Stacey Naito Always Leaves Me Speechless

Stacey Naito never fails to leave me speechless! From our photo shoot.Stacey is so amazing and beautiful in front of the camera! Makeup and Hair styling by Estee Lauder Makeup Artist extraordinaire Blanche LeBeau. Just Wow! Thank You to my good friend, and a great photographer as well, Jaime Klein who hosted us at his studio in Van Nuys CA. And Thank You to my assistant Clyde Sawyer for doing so very much!Stacey Naito Japanese Warrior


Good Thing “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”!

It is a good thing that it is said that “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” because I do not know what to say. The incredible Stacey Naito in front of my camera.

First Thank You to Blanche LeBeau, Makeup and Hair Stylist who created such a beautiful look on Stacey. What would one expect from one of the top talents from Estee Lauder! And her talents also encompassed wardrobe that went from Warrior to a Dream of Feathers. Thank You! Outstanding!

Thank You to my long time friend and talented photographer Jaime Kleinwho allowed us again to overrun his studio in Van Nuys California. A very considerate and generous host! I hope did not shed too much! Thank You my friend!

Thank You to Dan Cuny from Profoto USA for loaning us one of their new B1 500 Air TTL strobes which we used for the remote scenes we shot that day. All of the lighting used that day was Profoto. The results speak for themselves!

And a Thank You to my assistant Clyde Sawyer who as anyone on my shoots comes to know, just does everything and with a laugh and a smile! Thank You My Friend!


A Very Beautiful Winner!

A Very Beautiful Winner!

A huge congratulations to Randalene Sergent winning the Overall Bikini Competition at the NPC Southern California Championships this Saturday in San Diego! When I first photographed Randalene and spent the day with her, a couple of years ago, I knew she was someone very special. She is just beautiful, and has sculpted an amazing physique topped off with a wonderful personality. And looking at Randalene though the viewfinder of a camera is one of life’s great wonders! Going to be seeing much more of Randalene Sergent! Outstanding!


Ready For The Indy 500 And “Not Guilty”!

Sunday is the Indy 500 and Maria Bertrand is all set to go! She just needs a ride, any volunteers? She is even bringing her favorite tires. And by the way, Maria is indeed “Not Guilty”! Been there, done that and has the T-Shirt!


From Where We Were To Around The World!

From Where We Were To Around The World!

I can’t resist posting this from the back of my camera from my photo shoot yesterday with Sasha Brown. Sasha just was having so much fun, she had to get it out on her social networking right from the car by using her cellphone. When I think about it, it is so very cool. From where we were to around the world. Wow!


Her Sexy And Focused Dark Warrior!

Her Sexy And Focused Dark Warrior!

Her Dark Warrior, an alter ego which is really her true tenacity and focus and oh so very sexy. Stacey Naito from our photo shoot. Only better when you see this photograph, by clicking on it, full screen on my Website.

A big Thank You to Blanche LeBeau for the transforming Makeup and Hair Styling. And another big Thank You to my friend and photographer Jaime Klein for hosting us at his studio. And a huge Thank You to Stacey Naito for being so incredible in front of my cameras!


Raechelle In The Gym

Raechelle In The Gym

Earlier in the week I showed you one of our desert wind farm photographs of Raechelle Chase from New Zealand. We also shot in the gym. But I would rather look at Raechelle Chase than the gym so here is one photograph from our shoot that I like a lot. Thanks!


A Beautiful Woman, Winds And An Earthquake!

A Beautiful Woman, Winds And An Earthquake!

Raechelle Chase Ifbb Pro as the center of the landscape and environment in the wind farms of Palm Springs California. One of my favorite photographs from one of my favorite photo shoots. The incredible striking Raechelle from New Zealand braved 50 mph winds often coming close to knocking her over. We even had a sizable earthquake in the middle of the shoot that we didn’t even feel because of the winds. An experience and photographs to remember!


Emily Made My Day!

Emily Made My Day!

Thank You Emily Hayworth for being so gorgeous and fun in front of my camera at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Actually a borrowed camera, a Phase One IQ250 medium format 50 mpx digital system. It really does shoot beautifully! So Thanks to Morgan Acaldo from Phase One for handing over $40,000 or $50,000 of camera and lens on the spur of the moment! Great camera system, but Emily made my day!


The Woman Who First Said “I Love To Look Good Naked”

As we go into the weekend, I thought I might share with you more of what my job is, and it is not easy! Photographing beautiful women!

Can you believe this was actually an out take from a magazine ad shoot for! The actual ad with another photograph we chose from that shoot ran in fitness and bodybuilding and more magazines that I even can recall for a long time. For quite a while I heard and still hear from women who tore that ad out and put it on their refrigerators. I think quite a few guys did too! The model is Maria Rogers and one of my all time favorite photo shoots. And you can click on the photograph to go to the video we shot around the photo shoot, also for I am pretty sure it was Maria who started the phrase “I Love To Look Good Naked” in that video. You really want to watch the video!

Are you ready to do a photo shoot with me? Would you like me to shoot your magazine features or advertising? Send me a note and let’s chat about it. Thanks!


Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See?

Do you see what I see? Oh wait, that’s a Christmas song, never mind. But what I am seeing is Stacey Naito Ifbb Pro in front of my camera. You get to see the back of my head as well. Behind the scenes from our photo shoot last week.


Cara Jo Basso At Venice Beach

Cara Jo Basso At Venice Beach

Cara Jo Basso… One of the most talented, graceful and beautiful women I have ever photographed. At Venice Beach California.


“Come Sit Right Here”- She Said…

I remember very distinctly what Maria Bertrand said to me when I was shooting this photograph. “Come sit right here next to me and we will talk about that bicycle ride I promised you” she said. Yes that was it, I remember!