Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Good Thing “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”!

It is a good thing that it is said that “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” because I do not know what to say. The incredible Stacey Naito in front of my camera.

First Thank You to Blanche LeBeau, Makeup and Hair Stylist who created such a beautiful look on Stacey. What would one expect from one of the top talents from Estee Lauder! And her talents also encompassed wardrobe that went from Warrior to a Dream of Feathers. Thank You! Outstanding!

Thank You to my long time friend and talented photographer Jaime Kleinwho allowed us again to overrun his studio in Van Nuys California. A very considerate and generous host! I hope did not shed too much! Thank You my friend!

Thank You to Dan Cuny from Profoto USA for loaning us one of their new B1 500 Air TTL strobes which we used for the remote scenes we shot that day. All of the lighting used that day was Profoto. The results speak for themselves!

And a Thank You to my assistant Clyde Sawyer who as anyone on my shoots comes to know, just does everything and with a laugh and a smile! Thank You My Friend!

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